Tower Heroes: How To Get Molly Egg

I would like one Molly Egg, please!

Tower Heroes: How To Get Molly Egg

Tower Heroes is a free to play Tower Defense game available on the Roblox platform. The game allows you to play on different unique maps. There are also bosses to fight in the game. Currently an Egg Hunt is going on in Tower Heroes. This guide will help you in getting the Molly Egg. Continue reading to learn more about it.

How To Get Molly Egg

Getting the Molly Egg is pretty straightforward. You have to play the Metaverse Madness map in Challenge Mode to get this egg.

Tip: You can play this map on Easy if you want to get the Molly Egg quickly. The Medium difficulty has 35 Waves and the Hard difficulty has 40 Waves.

Map - Tower Heroes: How To Get Molly Egg
Play it on Easy to make it quicker!

Once you get inside the map, you have to survive 25 Waves (if playing on Easy difficulty as suggested earlier). Now this may sound like a lot, but it should only take you about 10 to 15 minutes.

Waves - Tower Heroes: How To Get Molly Egg
Huh, only 25 waves? Piece of cake!

On the 25th Wave, the boss will come out. The boss is called Cule which is shown in the image below.

Note: On Medium difficulty the boss will be Nova Cule (35th Wave) and High difficulty will make you face the Glitch Cule in the 40th Wave.

Boss - Tower Heroes: How To Get Molly Egg
A lot of expressions at the same time… quite unique!

Simply defeat the boss and it will drop the Molly Egg once defeated. Touch the Molly Egg that is dropped and you will receive it.

And that is it! If you like collecting badges in Roblox then I suggest checking out Easiest Game On Roblox. The game has a badge for everything ending it got. You should definitely try to get the Glitched Ending. Check this guide for a detailed walkthrough: how to get Glitched Ending.


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