Trident Survival V3: Beginner’s Guide + Best Tips & Tricks

Improve your chances of survival with these few tips!

Trident Survival V3 Gameplay Screenshot

Trident Survival V3 is a Roblox game all about scavenging for resources, building a base, and surviving in a harsh world full of other hostile players.

It can be pretty hard to figure out a decent strategy whenever you hop into a fresh new server, especially if you are still a beginner. In this guide, we’ll go through a few tips that can help you get started!

Best Tips & Tricks (Weapons, Building & More!)

First up, immediately following a server wipe, try to get to the nearest Bunker you can find on the map. This is especially important when you spawn close to one, as you are guaranteed to be the first person there.

These places have some of the best loot that you can get early in a server’s lifespan, and if you’re the first person there, you can completely clean it up and claim everything for yourself.

Trident Survival V3 bunker locations

Best Starting Weapons to Use

Immediately after a server wipe, one of your top priorities should be to arm yourself as soon as possible. The following are some of the recommended weapons that you should start off with:

  • Crowbar – Decent melee weapon that will also let you access safes all around the map, including those inside bunkers.
  • Crossbow – Crossbows are incredibly cheap and are great for taking out hostile players early on, though it does have a bit of a learning curve.
  • Pump Shotgun – This is an incredibly powerful early game weapon as you can kill people with a single shot if you can land a perfect headshot.
  • SMGs – In addition to being relatively easy to acquire, these guns have an incredibly fast fire rate that makes them great for bursting down your enemies.
Trident Survival V3 smg

Taking Advantage of the Trading Post

During the early game phase of a server, one of the things you should do at least once is run over to the Trading Post, which can be found at the western part of the map.

Do this after you go and loot the nearest bunker, as mentioned earlier. Once you’re decently armed and are done with your initial looting run, then you head over to the Trading Post.

There, you will find various crates with a bit of loot in them, as well as the trading NPC. If you have enough of the in-game currency with you, this will give you access to some good weapons and other utilities early on.

Trident Survival V3 storefront

Ideal Building Spots

As a solo player or a small team, one of the best spots you can build on is the F5 zone on the map, which is highlighted in the image below.

This spot will give you easy access to various landmarks with a lot of potential loot, such as the South Bunker, Storage, and South Crates.

Trident Survival V3 F5

Another good spot on the map is C6 way up on the northern island. This spot will give you access to various notable locations, such as the North Bunker and North Crates.

Trident Survival V3 C6

Finally, E3 is probably one of the best zones that you can choose. This is because the terrain there is incredibly easy to build on.

In addition to that, it is also going to grant you easy access to Village, the Trading Post, Flooded Bunker, Bank, and Market. This is the ideal spot for large groups as well.

Trident Survival V3 E3

And that wraps up this guide for Trident Survival V3. It’s a rough world out there, but with this information in mind, you should be more than ready to hop on in and survive the whole week until servers are restarted once more.

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