Try To Die DCO: How To Beat Level 125 | Flatwall Clip Roblox

All we need to do is clip through the wall!

Try To Die DCO Level End

In Try To Die DCO, there are a lot of levels that you’ll have to go through to try and die. That’s the goal of the game and sometimes it’s not as easy as you think. The game is a series of puzzle levels and some of them can be quite difficult to go through. Then, there are some levels that need you to use glitches that may not be known to most people who play Roblox.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Level 125 of the game. You’ll need a bit of luck and the right positioning to do this, so let’s go check out how to do it!

How To Beat Level 125 | Flatwall Clip Roblox

There are a lot of tricky levels in Try To Die DCO and one of the more infamous one is Level 125. That’s because you’ll need to be in the right place to glitch your way though the level and some people don’t know how to.

To start off, you’ll want to stand next to the wall in the middle of the level. You’ll want to go to the middle of the two sections, sticking to the one closest to the smiley face block. You also need to have your character’s side sticking into the wall a bit.

Try To Die DCO Stick To Wall
Source: Jet – YouTube

With your character in place, you’ll then want to turn your camera to the other side where the smiley block is. You can use the image below for a reference. Once you see the block, you’ll want to shift lock onto the block.

Try To Die DCO Shift Lock
Source: Jet – YouTube

If done correctly, the sudden movement of your character will glitch you through the wall. This will send you to the other side. It’s normal if you can’t get it on the first try, it takes some practice!

Try To Die DCO Glitch Through Wall
Source: Jet – YouTube

Just repeatedly go to that spot, stand next to it, look back and shift lock. With a little bit of luck you’ll be in the perfect angle to glitch through the wall and end the level!

That’s how you beat Level 125 in Try To Die DCO. Now, go out there and try to beat the level yourself! Many thanks to Jet for showing everyone how to beat the level. Be sure to check out his video on how to beat it for more information!

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