Type Soul: Best Arrancar Weapon Guide

Choose the right tool for the job.

The Arrancar race doesn’t get to pick from many weapons in Type Soul, but it’s still important to know which one is the best if you want to stay competitive.

PvP in this game is no joke, after all, with people always pivoting towards the strongest tools available for their races. If you’re an Arrancar player, you’ve come to the right place!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you what the best weapons are for the Arrancar race currently.

Best Arrancar Weapon | Type Soul Guide

Nnoitra's Scythe | Type Soul: Best Arrancar Weapon Guide

Thanks to the latest balance updates for Type Soul, the balance across Arrancar weapons has changed drastically. As such, the best weapon currently is the Nnoitra’s Scythe.

Other long-standing top-tier weapons like the Ulquoirra’s Katana and Grimmjow’s Claws have been severely nerfed with the most recent patch. It’s a huge shame for fans of those weapons, sadly…

However, Nnoitra’s Scythe has basically come through the patches unscathed, making its strengths stand out even more now that the rest of the weapons were nerfed.

What makes the Nnoitra’s Scythe so great are its Ankle Splitter effect and its surprisingly odd hitboxes.

PvP using Nnoitra's Scythe

First, the Ankle Splitter effect is applied to enemies whenever you land the Critical attack. It will prevent them from using Flash Steps, and will also slow them down.

This ultimately allows you to continue on the offensive, since you greatly limit their ability to escape from your onslaught. It’s a fantastic tool for pressuring enemies!

More examples of PvP using Nnoitra's Scythe

As for its hitboxes, they are surprisingly lenient. Some attacks can hit enemies despite the weapon seemingly never actually reaching them, which is… a bit unfair, but it’s a good advantage to have.

These two facts, combined with the nerfs that hit the rest of the Arrancar’s weapon set, make Nnoitra’s Scythe the best choice for Arrancar in Type Soul.

Alternative Best Weapon Choice for Arrancar: Barragan’s Axe

Barragan's Axe in Type Soul

If you don’t like the Scythe, though, the Barragan’s Axe is also a solid choice currently.

Unlike the Nnoitra’s Scythe, the Barragan’s Axe doesn’t have any crippling status effects or ridiculous hitboxes.

However, it does have a lot of Super Armor. You can use the Super Armor effect to tank hits without being stunned while attacking. It works extremely well when paired with a tanky build!

Barragan’s Axe has slow animations compared to Nnoitra’s Scythe, sure. But its devastating damage and Super Armor make it extremely scary for your enemies if you get used to the slower playstyle.

But there you have it, these are the best weapons for Arrancar currently. We hope you get them from your Hollow Boxes!

Also, make sure to read our guide on the best build for the Arrancar race so that you can make the most of your weapons and innate powers.


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