Type Soul: Best Item Value Tier List

Know what’s what in Type Soul’s ever-changing player market!

Type Soul allows players to trade stuff with each other, so it’s in your best interest to know the value of every item! To help you out, we’ve prepared a tier list ranking how much demand there is for every item.

The will of the market is always changing in this game, thanks to the constant updates. What’s more, giveaways and changing drop rates will always affect the value of an item!

To make things simpler, read on and let us rank the value of every item in Type Soul from best to worst in a tier list.

Best Item Value | Tier List

Top Tier

Essences | Type Soul: Best Item Value Tier List
  • Essences – The only item on the top tier of item value are Essences. The one exception is Territorial Mark which got nerfed heavily with recent updates, so it’s less desired by players.

The main reason for their high value is that they are only obtainable from Clan Wars. On top of that, they’re a pretty rare reward from Clan Wars, too!

Essences are also the only item that seems to not be quickly depreciating in value for trading in Type Soul. As such, it definitely deserves its place at the top of our tier list!

High Tier

High Tier
  • Element Reroll (Shikai/Res/Volt Reroll) – Can be used to reroll your Soul Element. Extremely useful and also extremely rare, since it’s only obtainable via the Robux shop and Codes!
  • True Hogyoku – Used to upgrade races to their True forms. Highly coveted since everyone will need it eventually! Very rare drop from Ranked PvP, Clan Wars, and Boss Raids.
  • Hollow Essence – Allows Hollows and Arrancars to change their Partial Skills. Very rare drop from the Bawabawa boss, but has very decent demand from Hollow and Arrancar players.

Mid Tier

Mid Tier | Type Soul: Best Item Value Tier List
  • Hogyoku Fragment – Shinigami and Quincy Races can evolve when they get 10 of these Fragments. It’s basically a mandatory item for them, so it has high trade value despite being easily obtainable as an item drop from Boss Raids.
  • Skill Box – Unlocks extra skills from Skill Trees in which you have 25 points or more. Every player will want to have two of these, so there’s high demand. However, their item value is low when trading in Type Soul since they are fairly common drops from Raid Bosses.

Low Tier

Low Tier
  • Blue Pill – Lets you reset your Skill Points, allowing you to respec and change your build. Very useful, but also very easy to obtain through simply playing Ranked PvP. Decent trading demand amongst newer players.
  • Hollow Box – Can be used by the Arrancar race to reroll their weapon. Has more value than other boxes due to the amount of Arrancar players, but it’s a very common drop so most players don’t trade for it.

Bottom Tier

Bottom Tier
  • Red Pill – Gives you 5 extra Skill Points when used. While it’s a very useful item overall, its trade value is low due to being easy to obtain via Raids or Codes.
  • Spirit Box – Can be used by the Quincy race to reroll their weapon. Very low value for trading due to being a common drop, and there aren’t as many Quincy players as other races.
  • Hierro Plating – Arrancars can use this to upgrade their Hierro up to two times. Low trade value since it’s obtainable from Raids, Karakura Town Shop, and the Bawabawa boss.
  • Quincy Medallion – Allows Quincies to steal a Shinigami’s Bankai, but only if they’re in the top 100 ELO when using it. Extremely situational item, so there’s very little demand for it even if it’s somewhat rare.
  • Soul Ticket – Lets you wipe your character, remaking them as another Race. Most people would rather make new characters instead of wiping, and it can be easily obtained via Codes anyway.

There you have it! That’s all the items in Type Soul and their values. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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