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Type Soul: Complete Guide on All New Factions

Choose your faction wisely!

The bleach-inspired anime Roblox game is back up and running and it’s called Type Soul. Immerse yourself in the world of the renowned manga and anime series “Bleach,” with a ton of action and adventures all while unlocking the characters Shinigami’s powers. 

Before starting the game, you may want to choose wisely when picking your factions. In this guide, we’ll help you decide which one is best for you. So sit tight, and keep reading!

Complete Guide on All New Factions

Player in Type Soul

Type Soul has three exciting new factions, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them. But before we do, let’s look at what those factions are:

  1. Soul Reaper
  2. Quincy
  3. Hollow

The names sound pretty fun to begin with. Imagine how awesome it’ll sound to be a part of “Soul Reaper”.

Once you start the game, you’ll have the option to start all over again. Unfortunately, the first slot that you’ve played before will be currently disabled. But, that’s okay because you can head on over to the second slot that’s absolutely free. 

Character creation page in Type Soul

Next, here is where you choose your character’s creation race along with the gender of your character. But before choosing your race, let’s do a guide to see what they are all about. 

Soul Reaper/Shinigami

Introduction to the start:

When you spawn into the game, as a shinigami, you’ll spawn into Soul Society. So here’s what you do as a shinigami.

Explore the soul society until you find a mission board. Once you find one, the next thing to do is Create a party 

Character in soul society heading for mission board in Type Soul

Once that’s done, then you queue yourself for a mission. To do this, press on the mission board and you’ll see a pop up asking if you’d like to queue yourself for a mission, you can simply click “Yes”. 

Mission board prompt in Type Soul

Until you reach grade 3, all you’re going to be doing is doing small missions. For instance, you’re going to be fighting bandits. These are all super easy and light and require no extreme combat skills.

Just light fighting and slashing.

Character fighting in Type Soul

You can just eliminate them. They barely have any health and none that’s showing on the top because they die pretty fast. Do this enough, and you’ll grade up. 

Grade 3:

Once you get to grade 3, press the comma button on your keyboard and you’ll see icons of different divisions. 

Divisions in Type Soul

Each division will have their own unique quests. Head to the one nearest to you. You might want to first check the quests before you join that certain division. You can explore the quests from the other divisions, as well. 

For this next part of the game, you just have to join divisions and complete their quests until you rank up. So head to a division and join them so you can finish up as many quests that you can get your hands on and complete. 

Division in Type Soul.

If you press “N”, you can see your skill tree. For each race, there are a set of skills unique to that race. You can view this, explore them and see if some skills sound more appealing to you.

Upper Grades:

Once you rank up enough to level up from grade 3 to grade 2, you then have the option to mediate. Click “M” to meditate. This will allow you to fight your shikai. If you win against your shikai, you get new rewards!

Depending on the type of shikai you get, after you defeat it, you may get rewards like new abilities or a brand new sword, for example. If you’re also looking for a comprehensive guide on how to get your shikai, here it is! Type Soul: Best Way To Get Shikai Guide

Defeating your shikai is also essentially to rank up to Semi-grade 1. Once you do that, you’ll have to start grinding for Shikai XP, Raid XP, Grip XP, Mission XP and division XP. 

For Raids:

Raids in Type Soul.

If you’re up for some raids, you can head over to the server menu. If you’re wondering what these raids are, I’ll enlighten you. These raids let you compete in big events and also fight against other factions. 

About the Abilities: 

Skill Tree in Type Soul.

Each race also has their unique single Special skill. For Shinigami it’s the Senkaimon. 

Shinigami special skill in Type Soul.

You can even equip the special skill to open a gateway to a different world. In this case, it’s Karakura Town

Portal to Karakura town in Type Soul.

You can enter this glowing and visit Karakura town. Karakura Town also has various options. Like for instance, if you want to grind more and explore. 

Another thing that you do with the abilities is activate flash step, which is absolutely free to obtain. Press “n” to head to the menu again. 

Flashstep ability in Type Soul.

You can see Flash Step has no requirements and is here for taking. And that is all for the Shinigami faction. Now, let’s move to the Quincy faction. 


Similarities In Shinigami and Quincy

The progression from Grade to Grade 1 is essentially the same as Shinigami. In fact, for quincy it’s a bit faster comparatively when grading up. 

All you have to do is repeat the process we did in Shinigami. Which is to queue up for a mission and keep defeating some Hollows until you rank up to grade 3. 

Character defeating hollows in Type Soul.

You can actually repeat the same process by fighting hollows and eventually progress all the way to semi grade 1. 

Remember that if you choose Quincy that you can also obtain the flash step move. It’s available for both quincy and shinigami with 0 requirements. 

Some Differences between Shinigami and Quincy 

Another feature in Quincy is that you can switch from a bow to a sword and vice versa by clicking “Tab”. Both the bow and sword look amazing. You can decide which one is right for you. You can always switch between them during combat if you wish to equip the other one. 

Character using bow in in Type Soul.

You will even have ammo for your bow. Refer to the picture below to see where you can find your ammo. 

Ammo for bow in Type Soul.

When you press m1 with your sword, you can gain the ammo. However, you cannot sit back and keep spamming the ammo. It’s not that simple and may require a little bit of effort on your part.

If you shift your attention to the bar at the bottom, it says Blutvene. You can press “U” to switch between Blutvene and Blutarterie. Blutarterie makes you do extra damage while Blutvehne makes you take less damage

It’s essentially offense vs. defense, respectively. Depends on which combat style is your go-to. Once you’re at Grade 1 all the way to Elite Grade, you will need Hollow NPC kills, Mission XP, Grip XP and raid XP. 

It’s all the same as Shinigami, except over here you don’t need Division XP to rank up. Which means, you won’t need to get into battles with the other divisions. This faction does not require you to do that. 

Character in Type Soul.

Once you’re in grade 2 Quincy, you’d also want to head over to the statue that looks like the image below:

Character in front of statue as a Quincy in Type Soul.

Talk to this statue and it’ll give you a quest. This quest will allow you to get your “schrift”. You can accept the quest and complete it and it’ll give you your schrift. The Quincy schrift are quite overpowered so you’d definitely want to get it. 

The quest is pretty simple itself. You’ll have to fight some chill “Ajucars” and hollows and once you defeat them, you’ll have completed the quest!

Here is a more in-depth guide on How to get Schrift, so don’t forget to take a look to help yourself. Now, onto the next one!


If you choose Hollow as your race, you’ll spawn into Karakura Town as a Hollow.

Character as a Hollow in Type Soul.

If you want to get out of Karakura Town, you can go ahead and do that by pressing “N” to go into your skills tab. Then, press “Next” which is at the bottom right of the tab. 

Go into the Hollow’s special skill which is Garganta. Equip it to your inventory slot and then activate to open a portal into Hueco Mundo.

Hollow's special skill in Type Soul.

So, just walk into the portal to transport yourself to Hueco Mundo. 

Hueco Mundo in Type Soul.

Now, progression as a hollow is different from Quincy and Shinigami. You don’t have to do missions like you did previously. It is also insanely faster to level up as a Hollow.

Your goal as a hollow is simply to explore the area, find other hollows and just eliminate them. Once you do that, you press “B” on their bodies to eat them. Pretty grim, isn’t it? That’s just your typical life as a Hollow. 

Eating them is an essential part because it lets you level up. 

Hollow in Type Soul.

To monitor your leveling up progress, you will have to look into your Hollow eyes. The more hollows you eat, the darker your eyes get until they turn red and you finally level up. 

Meno and Adjuhas

Once you grade up, you won’t be a hollow anymore and instead you’ll turn into a meno. As a meno, all you have to do is stomp on other hollows because you’ll be nearly twice the size. You don’t even have to fight, just stomp and defeat other hollows easily. 

After you get past Menos, you’ll be an Adjuhas.

Adjuhas running in Type Soul.

You’ll look different, run differently and you’ll have a mask equipped on. You can unequip the mask by pressing Ctrl + K and you’ll become a humanoid again. 

Now, once you’re a humanoid, it’s time to start doing missions and grading up. You’ll start off as grade 5 like the rest of the factions and you’ll have to complete missions until grade 2. After that, you’d want to go ahead and get your partial RES. 


If you don’t want to do missions as an adjuhas, you can take the alternative route and become a Vasto. To do this, you basically get mask cracks by killing 13 other Adjuhas and you can become a Vasto lord which is stronger.

To do this, you essentially need to kill 13 adjuhas. You’ll receive 2 mask cracks per kill. But if you die, you lose 5 mask cracks. When you take off your mask with Ctrl + K as a Vascolorde, you become a Vascocar.

Character in Hueco Mundo in Type Soul.

For partial RES as Vascocar, you have to do a quest where you find your partial RES item. It could be anywhere on the map and be a bit annoying to find. Depending on the item, you get a different RES. 

Once you find your partial RES item, take it to the big Colosseum in the map. It will be hard to miss since the colosseum is huge and covers a wide area. You can also check out this article that tells you more about Partial RES: Type Soul: Best Partial Res Tier List

Colosseum in Hueco Mundo in Type Soul.

Take the item inside and go up the stairs to the top floor. You can identify the top floor when you see a bunch of laboratory items, that’s how you know it’s the floor you’re supposed to be on. 

Orb in colosseum in Type Soul.

Then, head straight to the glowing pink orb and go talk to it. Once you interact with it, it will give you your object and then you have to head over to the void.

Exit the place to go to the void. 

Now, look at the picture below to get an idea of the distance between the colosseum and the void, which where you’re supposed to be at.

Distance between colosseum and void in Type Soul.

Next thing you do is equip the object in your hand and jump into the void.

Void in Hueco Mundo in Type Soul.

You’ll have to do a series of parkour. If you fail the parkour, you’ll have to start over with taking the object to the orb and coming back to the void. The void will take you to a different area. And that’s about it for Hollow!

We hope this guide was comprehensive enough for you to decide which faction to choose. As you can tell, all of them have their adventures and perks so go ahead and make your decision!

The adventures in Type Soul are nearly limitless so the fun doesn’t end here. Check out this article on How to get Segunda in Type Soul.


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