Type Soul: Complete Guide on Vizard Mask Obtainment, Quests & More

Become a Soul Reaper with this new item!

Getting the Vizard Mask in Roblox Type Soul can be a long process. There are challenges and quests that you need to get through to accomplish the prerequisites for the Vizard Mask, but not a lot of guides talk about how to do them in detail. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here, I’ll give you a complete guide on Vizard Mask obtainment, quests, and more!

Vizard Mask – Obtainment, Quests, and More

The Vizard Mask is a surefire way to get a huge power boost in Type Soul. There’s a long grind ahead to get the mask, such as grinding Hogyuku Fragments and accomplishing quests, so I’ll talk about it all in more detail below.

Eat Hogyoku Fragments

First, getting the Vizard Mask means starting as a Lost Soul. Find the Kisuke NPC to be converted to a Shinigami and then farm Hogyuku Fragments. You will need 10 Hogyoku Fragments. If you don’t have these yet, you can get them from Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, or Wandenreich raids

Equip the fragments into your inventory and eat them.

This step will require a bit of grinding, as the Hogyokyu fragments have a 0.5% drop rate. Alternatively, you can trade for these fragments instead. 

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After getting all 10 Hogyuku Fragments, put these fragments in one of the slots of your inventory and eat them. Once you eat them, you will “break” into pieces and respawn. Upon respawning, you should see fading text around your character. You will also hear whispers as you play the game.

Head to Hueco Mundo and look for the Vizard NPC. If you don’t know, there’s a shortcut you can take by going through the Hueco Mundo portal in Karakura Town. This tunnel is distinct with all-white tiles. When you enter, make sure your stamina bar is full because you will need to run toward the end of the tunnel.

This is the portal to Huego Mundo.

Vizard NPC

Looking for the Vizard NPC can be challenging. This is because the Vizard NPC will look like a regular NPC with a mask on, and spawns randomly. This NPC isn’t bound to a single server as well, so it can be found on any server. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find the Vizard NPC in one server because you just need to hop servers until you eventually find it.

Once you fight and kill the NPC, grip it, and an animation will trigger where you get the Vizard Mask. The mask will kill you, and when you respawn you will get the Vizard abilities. 

Grip the Vizard NPC.

Complete The Vizard Mask Quest

Once you have the mask on, you should notice that the whispers that appeared before now say different things. Now, they give you hints on what you have to do next to complete your mask. Here are the messages you can expect and their corresponding quest. Players will get one of these three quests:

  • “The people of your alliance must be slain”
    • Defeat 50 to 60 of Soul Reapers
  • “Seek victory within A Hueco/Karaura Raid using my power” 
    • Win ten raids in Hueco/Karakura with the mask equipped
  • Defeat a Vizard version of your Shikai at your Shikai World. (Meditate to transport to the world)

The last quest is a little fuzzy – either of the messages can show up on your screen, but the only way to know if you’ve been assigned the last quest is to pop into your Shikai world and see if your Shikai has a mask on. If it does, fight and defeat it.

Check your Shikai if it has a mask on.

Once you finish the quest assigned to you, the whispers will disappear from your screen. It’s important to complete your Vizard Mask because if you don’t, you will get a debuff on a random stat, and completing the quests turns that debuff into a buff.

This is everything on all the quests to obtain the Vizard Mask in Type Soul. If you’re feeling powerful with this Mask, check out our guide on How To Win in PVP to become a master of combat!


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