Type Soul: How To Play Medic Guide

Healing for everyone!

Medic builds are one of the trickiest to learn how to play in Type Soul, as they’re support and defense-oriented. Yet, the game primarily focuses on offense!

But that doesn’t mean that Medic builds aren’t viable or anything of the sort. If you understand the ins and outs of the Healing Skill Tree, you will be able to outlive all of your foes thanks to your strong healing powers. On top of that, you can be pretty decent in combat as well, you’re not just going to be support!

In this guide, we’ll give you key tips on how to play as a Medic build and take a look at the most important skills you want to use.

How To Play Medic

Showing the Healing skill tree

If you’re going to play as a Medic, you will want to have a build that puts at least 45 points into the Healing Skill Tree. You can put your remaining 20 into any other Skill Tree, just for the sake of getting some better offensive options. Going full Medic is generally not recommended, as you really limit your moveset.

It’s a good idea to simply put the remaining 20 points into whichever Skill Tree best suits your character’s race. For example, Kendo for Arrancar or Kido for Quincy.

Overall, you’ll also be playing much more defensively than any other type of build. You rely heavily on trying to play keep away from your foes, making openings to heal yourself. When used properly, the Medic’s skillset will allow you to prolong fights more than other builds. That said, your damage is lacking in comparison.

Medic using Bloody Canvas

If you want a build much more focused on damage, check out our Quincy Kido build!

When playing co-op with others, you can offer support by healing them with your skills and even providing strong barriers to block damage. You can be a great asset by helping keep your team alive. This is where Medic builds truly excel!

With all that said, let’s now take a lot at some of the key skills you get by leveling up the Healing Skill Tree.

Noteworthy Medic Skills

Medic using Reiatsu Rend

With the basics laid down, these are the most notable Medic skills you have and their uses:

  • Barrier – Provide a defensive buff to an ally, which grants them a 40% damage reduction for the next 4 hits.
  • Bloody Canvas – A fairly quick and strong swing of your weapon. It’s not particularly hard to dodge, but most players have trouble dealing with it. Can be followed up by other skills, making it a good combo starter. Landing this attack will increase your healing while reducing the enemy’s and disabling their armor.
  • Healing Circle – Summon a circular sigil on the ground, providing healing for yourself and other players. Great for when you’re cooperating with others, but outshined by Self Heal if you’re playing solo.
  • Reiatsu Push – This is one of your main defensive tools, allowing you to get out of combos and get some distance from annoying enemies.
  • Reiatsu Rend – Solid attack option, but it has a bit of an odd startup animation. It’s somewhat slow so it can be hard to combo into, but it deals good damage when you land it successfully.
  • Self Heal – One of the main reasons you want to play Medic at all. This skill lets you heal yourself anytime want.

So, there you have it, you should now know everything you need to play as a Medic build in Type Soul. Make sure to check out our guide on the Soul Weaver Quest as well, which is one of the newest pieces of content for this game.


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