Type Soul: How To Store Your Items & Bank Location

Now you can collect more items!

Type Soul: How To Store Your Items & Bank Location

Roblox Type Soul is a fast-paced dodge/parry-based game that recently got a major revamp. If you’ve recently picked up the game and want to start collecting powerups and weapons, then knowing how to put them away is important to maintain a steady inventory for more and better goodies. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s how to store your items and where to find the bank location in Type Soul. 

How To Store Your Items and Bank Location

Players have been asking for an inventory storage feature for a while and the developers have finally answered their prayers. With the latest revamp of the game, players can now store their items in the Bank. I’ll talk about this in more detail below.

Bank Location

The bank can be found near KT. Simply spawn into KT and from there, run forward and head to the bridge.

The bridge you need as a landmark.

When you get to the bridge, just keep going straight ahead. You want to get to the area with a street bordered by gray bricks.

From there, follow the path. Take a left from here (pictured below).

Go left from the grassy area.

Run in that direction until you reach this tunnel. This tunnel will be a landmark, but you aren’t going through it. Run in the direction right of that tunnel towards the desert area.

Head into the desert sandy area and come out the other end.

Run through it and reach the other side. There will be an NPC asleep on a bench. Interact with him.

The sleeping NPC will be here.

Store Your Items

You’ll find out that the NPC’s name is Nel. Nel can hold onto your stuff and serves as the Bank in Type Soul. After you go through the dialogue, the inventory page will open, and there you have it!

This is the Nel item storage page.

Feel free to transfer items from your inventory to item storage here. It’s unsure yet if there is a limit to how many items Nel can carry for you, but for now, this should be more than enough while the game is still in the early phases of updates.

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