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ULTRAKILL: All Fishes Guide

I want to believe!

Boomer shooters have been making their presence known once more in the industry, and surprisingly enough it’s attracting a pretty diverse group of gamers including ones who practice good hygiene. That’s been the case for Ultrakill as the game keeps the wheels spinning with skill-based scoring to make sure you never stop moving.

What makes this an even better experience is the fact that you can fish and relax midgame if you ever get weary of all the blood splatting all over!

Here’s a list of all the fishes you can get if you ever feel like doing something else for a change.

All Fishes Guide – ULTRAKILL

The game is split into different levels so if you want to get to the fishing spot you’ll have to make it through 5-1: IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON until you get to the secret level of 5-S: I ONLY SAY MORNING.

You won’t have access to your weapons here, the only thing you’ll get is a rod that you can take from one of the barrels near the campfire, but that’s more than enough to get started.

#1 PITR Fish

One of the easiest fish that you can catch. Simply cast your rod into the lake and wait for a while. You’ll get this a lot if you stay near the shallow areas.

#2 Funny Stupid Fish (Friend)

You can get this one from the same place you got the PITR fish, sometimes it appears on the Deeper Lake Waters as well.

#3 Stickfish

Can be found in the shack next to the campfire, just cast your rod into the pan and you’ll catch it with little to no effort.

#4 Dope Fish

You can catch the dope fish by casting your rod into the well right next to the shack. Jumping into the well and fishing from the room underneath it works too!

#5 Trout

Cast a line into the center of the Deeper Lake Waters, and hold on to your fire button longer to send your line further into the lake.

#6 Cooked Fish

Throw whatever fish you caught before into the campfire by the shack.

#7 Bomb Fish

Go behind the shack and cast a line into the stream, once you get it, make your way to the other side of the camp and throw it near the ditch to clear a path to the Lake of Blood.

#8 Eyeball

Head into the Lake of Blood with an apple in your hand, cast a line, and an eye will pop out of the lake eventually.

#9 Frog (?)

Go for a swim down the Lake of Blood and cast a line into the Lower Bloods.

#10 Metal Fish and Chomper

Get this fish by going up the stream where you caught the Bomb Fish earlier, make sure to bring a Malicious Face lure and throw it into the cave pool before you cast a line into it.

Fish in the same spot where you caught the Metal Fish, this time don’t use any lures.

#11 Shark

To get the iconic Ikea Blåhaj, use any fish that isn’t the Bomb Fish and throw it into the ocean before you cast your line.

The ocean is just behind the cave where the Lake of Blood is, and by getting that, the level is complete.

You can stay a while and enjoy the starry skies or continue your killing spree!

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