Untitled Boxing Game: Best Fighting Style Tier List (2024)

What are the best (and worst) fighting styles currently implemented in Untitled Boxing Game?

There are a wide variety of fighting styles that you can use in Untitled Boxing Game, which is a fighting game on Roblox where you get to face off against other players in 1-on-1 matches.

In this article, we will be taking a quick look at each fighting style and ranking them from best to worst. This is purely based on the opinions of the community at the moment, and things may absolutely change with future updates!

Best Fighting Style Tier List (2024)

As of writing this, there are around 16 fighting styles in the game, and while most of them are viable and can be decent if you’re good enough, some are definitely much better than the others.

Styles sometimes get reworked, so there is a chance that low tier ones can get better in the future. For now, though, here is where each of the Fighting Style stands so far:

Untitled Boxing Game tier list


  • Ghost – Although it was recently reworked, this style remains to be one of the best in the game.
  • Hawk – It may be a bit disappointing if you like to be more defensive, but otherwise, it is a very good choice.
  • Smash – Recent updates have made this fighting style very good.
  • Wolf – Its attacks are incredibly fast and most players will struggle to fight against it.
  • Iron Fist – This fighting style is very effective if you are good at countering.
Untitled Boxing Game iron fist


  • Cork-Screw – Skilled players can perform really well with this style and it is a decent choice even at higher ranks.
  • Hitman – This one is pretty strong, but it loses easily to those in the highest tier.
  • Ippo – Ippo is considered to be relatively balanced right now and it can be quite annoying to deal with in the right hands.
  • Long Guard – This is great for players who love to annoy their opponent with incredibly oppressive attacks.
  • BulletAlthough it has very powerful attacks, it has a tendency to be really slow and easy to punish.


  • Basic – Despite its name, this can be really good in the right hands. With that said, there are still way better options.
  • Counter – Can be pretty decent against new players, but its effectiveness falls off against more skilled people.
  • Hands Low – Its damage is relatively low, which is the only reason it is down here.
  • Slugger – This style is pretty average and its effectiveness largely depends on the user’s skill.
Untitled Boxing Game KO


  • Trickster – Trickster has pretty decent utility, but it requires really good timing to pull off well, which most players probably won’t be able to achieve.


  • Kimura – This style can still be good when used by very dedicated players, but you’re generally better off picking anything else right now.
Untitled Boxing Game kimura

And that concludes this tier list for Untitled Boxing Game on Roblox. If your favorite style got a low rank, don’t be too discouraged, as they are all still perfectly viable as long as you practice enough with them!

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