UR+ Insect Ninja Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

A copy of another unit, but better!

Insect Ninja in Anime World Tower Defense.

Anime World Tower Defense is a game where you can collect anime heroes from various choices. This Roblox game will allow you to form a team with these heroes to craft your dream team! Do you want to be able to conquer challenges with ease? Read on!

With the new update, Anime World Tower Defense released many new features and heroes to experiment with. This guide will focus on the Insect Ninja from the hit anime Naruto! So, if you’re waiting for this, buckle up and get ready.

UR+ Insect Ninja Guide

One of the newest units added to the game, Insect Ninja is based on the character Shino in Naruto. He mainly controls insects, so expect him to have animations similar to his anime counterpart. But just like in the anime, Shino is only a side character. But will he still be in this universe?

Note that running multiple poison units won’t stack the effect of their poison.

Stats Upgrade 7 of Insect Ninja in AWTD.

Insect Ninja can be placed for a Maximum of 4 units, and at the start, his base attack has a Circle AoE. After upgrading, the next skill you can unlock is Insect Impact, a Circle AoE skill similar to his base attack but with a better range.

The final attack of Insect Ninja is called Insect Strike, a wide-scaled Circle AoE attack identical to its previous skills. Even though he’s a Hill unit, he can still cover up a wide area. Comparing this unit with Kabuto, Insect Ninja is better regarding damage and range.

Insect Ninja Attacking in AWTD.

The only thing that makes him different is that he’s a Hill unit. It’s a restriction if you compare it with Kabuto. This unit can defeat the enemy with a damage test of 50 million hp. He is a valuable unit due to his Ninja Warrior Buff, a very decent and well-balanced unit.

Overall, this unit is solid and valuable in different game scenarios. It’s a slightly better unit compared to Kabuto. It’s a very efficient Hill unit with nice attack animations. You’ll surely love to have Insect Ninja on your team! So what are you waiting for? Check him out and see for yourself if he fits your game style!

If you still haven’t caught up to Update 14 in AWTD, make sure to check our complete dedicated guide for that topic which covers everything that has been added!


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