UR+ Minato Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Is the Yellow Flash worthy?

UR+ Minato Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Discovering new features in a game always sparks excitement, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player. In Anime World Tower Defense, updates should be tackled carefully as they could change the game.

This might be time-consuming for others, and not everyone can sacrifice valuable resources to experiment with new things. But don’t worry; we will help you if you need help using the new UR+ Minato.

UR+ Minato Guide

Minato or “Manato” in Anime World Tower Defense is a tower based on the famous anime franchise Naruto. He’s the Main Character’s father and is considered the fastest shinobi ever. Let’s see if he will pack the same punch in Anime World Tower Defense.

Manato Stats in AWTD

Minato is a Critical Hit unit often compared to Nanami. The only advantage Minato has over Nanami is that he has a broader, more extended range and can hit air units. It’s only a matter of preference if you lean more towards Damage or Utility.

You can place a maximum of 4 copies of this unit, and is listed almost in every tier list as C-Tier as a UR+. His damage is between good and bad if you compare it to similar units, even though he recently got a brand-new evolution.

Manato Attacking in Anime World Tower Defense.

His first move displays a swift line attack, characterized by an animation that launches light and retracts it. Advancing his level will unlock Quick Lighting, which is a line attack,too. Minato’s next and final move is Lighting Flash Explosion, a Circle attack reminiscent of the anime Rasengan.

Overall, Minato is an average valuable unit in specific scenarios. His categories are great,butcan’t compensate for his overall arsenal. He might be a fan favorite in the famous Naruto anime franchise, but there will always be better units here in Anime World Tower Defense.

That’s all you need to know about the UR+ Manato. Better check this unit’s attack animation out on yourself, too, and you might change your mind! Enjoy!

If you still haven’t caught up to Update 14 in AWTD, make sure to check our complete dedicated guide for that topic which covers everything that has been added!


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