Voxlblade: Complete Easter Event Guide & Egg Locations

All Egg locations in one guide!

Voxlblade: Complete Easter Event Guide & Egg Locations

For Easter, Voxlblade has added the Easter Egg event in the game, a familiar, classic simple egg-hunt activity. We’ll show you where to find these eggs in the game and make sure, so you don’t miss out on the rewards. Let’s go!

Complete Easter Even Guide & Egg Locations

There’s a total of 15 eggs to find in the event and 3 Hidden Rewards. Below are what the eggs and rewards look like in the game.

All of the eggs for the Easter Egg event are located near past event or quest locations in Voxlblade. They’re not very out of the way and rather easy to spot.

1. Carrot Egg

Carrot Egg location in Voxlblade.

Carrot Egg is located at the carrot field at the Frontier. This sneaky egg is on the edge of the field and is a taller than the other crops, so you can easily spot it.

2. Cacti Egg

Cacti Egg location.

The Cacti Egg is near the Fire Puzzle area, trying to blend in with the surrounding next to an actual cacti. When you approach them, there will be an “E” prompt that tells you which one is the egg.

3. Blooming Egg

The Blooming Egg is located near the Bee Dungeon. It’s in the shape of a red tulip plant surrounded by giant yellow flowers. The egg is in a bright area, so it’s pretty easy to spot.

Blooming Egg location in Voxlblade.

4. Lord Egg’s Cavern

Lord Egg's Cavern in Voxlblade.

To get the Lord Egg’s Cavern, you have to defeat Lord Frogg. Find him at the Lord Frogg’s Cavern!

5. Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg location.

The Frozen Egg next can be found sitting next to the Winterwoof quest location. You should find it if you can spot the giant ice box with a wolf inside.

6. Snoe Egg

Snoe Egg location.

Defeat the Snoeman which is a boss you can find in the same area where the Frozen Egg is. And then you’ll get the Snoe Egg.

7. Bumblz Egg

Bumblz Egg location.

Clear the Bee Dungeon and defeat the Queen Bumblz. You’ll get the Bumblz Egg this way.

8. Prince Egg

Prince Egg location.

From the statue here, head to the backside of the house and drop down. Near where the Buniprince is, you will find the Prince Egg.

9. Target Egg

Target Egg location.

The Target Egg spawns inside the Knight’s Outpost. If you know where to go, below is what the egg look like inside the Outpost. But if you don’t, we’ll show you the way.

From your spawn point, head out of the building and turn left twice. There’s going to be another NPC to past by before you see this ledge here. Take that narrow path and go through the bridge.

Target Egg location in Knight's Outpost.

Past the bridge, scale the mountain by jumping all the way to the top. Until you can see a big tree around the corner. Run past that and you’ll see the Knight’s Outpost!

10. Bimble Egg

Bimble Egg location in Cloudlands.

The Bimble Egg is an egg you can find where Bimble spawns in the Cloudlands. The Cloudlands can be reached from The Plains. Make use of the jumping platforms that you can find behind the house as shown above.

Keep jumping through the Cloudlands. You’ll eventually find a house with a field next to it. The house where Bimble spawns is after this one with stairs next to it. The egg is lying on the bed.

Bimble Egg near Bimble spawn.

11. Lord Eggos

Lord Eggos next to Lord Stratos spawner.

Lord Eggos is located next to the Lord Stratos spawner. From Bimble spawn, keep hugging the right edge of the isle and you’ll end up at the spawner naturally. It’s easy to tell when you jump through an island with dirt texture right before the cloud island where Lord Stratos Spawner is.

12. Kingly Egg

Kingly Egg location in Voxlblade.

The Kingly Egg is another easy egg to find at the Desert area. You will find the egg near the Caci King spawn on a slightly raised platform.

13. Lilimonster Egg

Lilimonster Egg location.

The Lilimonster Egg is an egg that you can find next to the Lord Frogg dungeon. It’s past the iconic black arch and pretty obvious to spot.

14. Golem Egg

Golem Egg location.

You can find the Golem Egg in the Vinelands, inside the cave called Kirbolg’s Coin. After entering the Vinelands, find this huge tree and follow the path where there’s an arc on the front.

Go inside the room to your left next to the desk.

Golem Egg location in Vinelands.

15. Bastion Egg

How to get Bastion Egg in Voxlblade.

Bastion Egg is a drop you get after defeating the Bastion dungeon.

16. Creacher Egg (Hidden Item)

Hidden item Creacher Egg location.

The Creacher Egg is the first hidden item in the list, placed near the Shrine of Chance. If you know where the Shrine of Chance is, you can find the egg place on the edge on the very same island.

To reach the shrine take the left exit from the cave. Go down the stairs and follow wherever the ladder leads. Keep going down until you see the bridge here. Go past the bridge and you’ll find the shrine. On the right corner of the island is where the Creacher Egg is.

Hidden item Creacher Egg location.

17. Evil Creacher Egg (Hidden Item)

Evil Creacher Egg location in Easter Egg hunt in Voxlblade.

The Evil Creacher Egg spawns near the Void Cliffs Shrine, to be exact, on the roof of the building that’s right in front of the shrine. Max out your brightness for this to spot the egg.

Evil Creacher Egg on the roof near the Void Cliff's Shrine.

18. Rune (Hidden Item)

After collecting all the eggs, you’ll finally get the last Hidden Item, the Rune!

Done with the Easter Egg event in Voxlblade? Here’s another Voxlblade guide for the best Armor set for Holy/Healer build.


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