Warcraft Rumble: How To Beat Onyxia Easily Guide

Beat her with her own units!

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Onyxia is a one of the many end-game bosses in Warcraft Rumble. With those words spoken, you would know better than to underestimate someone who’s at least Level 30. But everybody has to go down sometime, it’s just a matter of strategy.

If you’ve been having difficult trying to defeat Onyxia, then check out the guide below. We’ll have everything you need to take on her army. This includes the leader you’ll be bringing with you as well!

How To Beat Onyxia Easily Guide

Things tend to get spicy when you survive long enough to get to Phase 3. The guardians spawn along with the earth elementals and Whelp Eggs.

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that Onyxia stops playing other units at this point. This is all thanks to the map’s unit cap, so if you get enough units on the map, Onyxia stops playing with hers.

Killing Onyxia can definitely earn you a ton of experience, but it takes a while. Make sure to check out our guide on how you can gain more honor & exp through PvP matches as well!

Warcraft Rumble Drake

Deck Build Explanation

One of the many things you’ll need is your Drake. You’ll be sending this down the side lanes to deal with the Whelps that Onyxia spawns.

We’ll also be using our own Whelp Eggs. These will be deployed up front, so you can take your towers back when the phase transition happens. Don’t forget to place them on your central towers as well.

Warcraft Rumble Wehlp Eggs

What you can do next is bring in a cheap cycle unit. If your levels aren’t quite high enough then you can switch this unit over for some harpies.

Warcraft Rumble Dark Iron Miner

Quilboar will tank the guardians. Not only that but he’ll also take 50% less damage from elemental attacks. This is very useful for your team as most of the units under Onyxia deals elemental damage.

Warcraft Rumble Quilboar

Defias Bandits will be a great addition to your team while taking on Onyxia. On the map itself, you’ll have two chests in close proximity of your towers. Make sure your bandits have the Pick Lock talent so you’ll get +3 gold frequently.

Warcraft Rumble Defias Bandits

A must have for this fight in particular is the Meat Wagon. This really sends a lot of damage towards Onyxia as it simply outranges her.

If the boss stops spawning in units and you outrange her, then you’ll just save a ton of resources as you’ll never lose your wagons for any reason.

Warcraft Rumble Meat Wagon

Rend Blackhand is your best pick for a leader. His presence will make other flying units cheaper, making him a valuable asset out in the field.

Warcraft Rumble Rend Blackhand

Onyxia Fight Phase 1

When the fighting starts, pushes will start happening all over. Prioritize getting the chest and tower in the middle lane first above all else.

Onyxia will start summoning Wehlp Eggs in the left and right lanes while you’re busy with the tower. She’ll keep on doing this every 90 seconds.

You’ll only have 30 seconds to take out as many eggs as you can. Once that timer expires, they will hatch and start flying towards your base.

Keep on summoning Rend and Drake in each lane from the bottom of the map. Your middle tower will be more than capable of cutting down any enemy Drake that comes your way.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Map

Move up and try to take the next two towers. Do that and prioritize sending in more flyers on the left and right lanes.

If you have extra gold, you can start sending in some Wehlp Eggs of your own. Start sending in at least two Meat Wagons next to the front towers to chip away at Onyxia’s HP.

While all of this is happening, make sure you’re still summoning bandits to open chests. Mine whatever you can as well on the left and right lanes.

At this point, she’ll just stop spawning in units, paving the way for Phase 2.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Map

Phase 2

Before you take more of Onyxia’s HP away, make sure that you already have some Wehlp Eggs. You’re going to need them in order to recapture your towers, you will lose them.

Regain control of your towers and send in Rend and Drake to counter her earth elementals. This is almost the same strategy that you were making use of during the first phase.

Get back into the swing of things and prepare for Phase 3 by sending in more Wehlp Eggs around the chest. From here on out, you’ll want to summon Rend on the left, and Drake on the right.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Map

Phase 3

Phase 3 begins when Onyxia only has 1/4th of her original health left. Give the side lanes and the earth elementals your full attention as you have before.

You should be going into overtime as well, which gives you double the amount of gold. You can use this excess to deal with the Warders if she ever gets them to spawn.

What you should do every now and then is drop a Quilboar to distract the warder from your main troops. You’re doing this to regain control of your towers (again).

Your Meat Wagons will be able to help deal the most damage to the Warders once you get your towers back.

Warcraft Rumble Onyxia Map

And that’s how you beat Onyxia in Warcraft Rumble. Who would’ve thought that overwhelming her with her own units is an actual strategy that worked?

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