Weird Strict Boss: Complete Walkthrough & Ending

How do you finish this short horror game?

Weird Strict Boss gameplay image.

Weird Strict Boss is yet another entry into a specific genre of horror games on Roblox wherein you have to survive until the morning while a seemingly possessed individual tries to hunt you down.

This game is pretty straightforward, but in this guide, we’ll try to walk you through the initial steps and teach you the basics of how to survive the night at the office.

Complete Walkthrough & Ending

At the start of the game, a minute-long cutscene will play out where you will learn that the company you are working for is struggling.

Because of that, your boss has asked you to work overtime for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, for a split second, it is revealed that something sinister is going on behind the scenes.

First Mission of the Game

After the intro cutscene, you’re thrown just outside of the boss’ office and are asked to grab printer paper.

Each of the rooms and doors are labeled, and objectives are highlighted through the walls with a red exclamation mark icon, so you pretty much can’t get lost here.

Turn left and walk through the hallway until you can take a right. Go straight to the stairwell and walk down to the lower floor.

Weird Strict Boss stairwell door

There, you’ll see the door to the Offices. Open it and walk straight to the end of the hallway and take a right into the Break Room. The printer paper will be on the counter to your left once you go inside.

Weird Strict Boss break room printer paper

Printers #1 & #2 (Lower Floor)

After grabbing the printer paper, your next objective will be to fill up all the printers in the office. After leaving the break room, go to the next room to your left. The first printer will be here.

Weird Strict Boss 1st printer

Upon leaving this room, turn to your left once more and enter the next room, which is labeled with “Cameras”. The second printer is on the table right inside.

Weird Strict Boss 2nd printer

Printers #3 to #8 (Upper Floor)

The rest of the printers will be on the upper floor. Return to the stairwell from earlier and climb back up to the next floor.

After re-entering through the Offices door, the third printer will be in the first room to your right.

Weird Strict Boss 3rd printer

The fourth printer is in the room directly in front of this one. After exiting through the doorway, simply walk forward into the next room.

Weird Strict Boss 4th printer

After leaving that room, turn left and walk through the hallway. Halfway through, turn right into one of the rooms where the fifth printer will be.

Weird Strict Boss 5th printer

The sixth printer is at the end of the hallway, in the room to your left right in front of the Bathroom door.

Weird Strict Boss 6th printer

For the seventh printer, walk back to the halfway point of the hallway and turn right. Keep walking until you reach the elevator labeled “Floor 10”. Turn left and enter the sole room there.

Weird Strict Boss 7th printer

Finally, the eighth and last printer is just to the right of the Boss’ Office at the end of the hallway. Simply walk out of the previous room and you should immediately see where it is.

Weird Strict Boss 8th printer

The Water Jug

Your next objective is to grab the water jug. Retrace your steps back downstairs and return to the Break Room where you grabbed the printer paper earlier.

The water jug is right beside the fridge. Simply walk up to it and hold the E button to pick it up.

Weird Strict Boss water jug

Next, go back upstairs and walk straight through the hallway after entering this floor. The water dispenser will be right at the end, highlighted by an exclamation mark.

Weird Strict Boss water dispenser

Cleaning Up the Rubbish

The next thing you have to do is to clean up all of the trash scattered throughout the office. We are unsure if these spawns are random, but the first one will be right beside the water dispenser from your previous objective.

Weird Strict Boss trash pile 1

Another pile of garbage is right beside the stairwell door, and it should be immediately visible once you turn around from the previous one.

Weird Strict Boss trash pile 2

Walk back to the Floor 10 elevator and you should see another pile right in front of it. There is also another one directly to the left of this trash.

Weird Strict Boss trash piles 3 and 4

After wrapping up with this floor, go downstairs and you should immediately see two more trash piles right in the middle of the hallway.

Weird Strict Boss trash piles 5 and 6

Finally, go back inside the Break Room and you should see the last pile of garbage right in front of the fridge.

Weird Strict Boss final trash pile

Final Intro Steps

A short cutscene will play out after you clean up the last pile of trash. After that, interact with the fridge in the Break Room to steal the boss’ cake, then eat it.

Afterwards, go back upstairs and interact with the generator immediately to your left upon reaching the top of the stairwell.

Weird Strict Boss generator

Upon checking the generator, you will be tasked with simply going to work. Go back downstairs and enter your office in the middle of the hallway.

Simply interact with all four of the piles of paper scattered inside the room.After that, you will have to go back upstairs and try to open the Boss’ Office.

Weird Strict Boss paperwork

After learning that the office is locked, go downstairs once more and turn right to enter the Cameras room. There, interact with the Cameras and you will be slightly jumpscared by the boss himself.

Weird Strict Boss jumpscare

Surviving The Night

From this point onwards, you will get a brief tutorial detailing everything that you need to do in order to survive.

Weird Strict Boss tutorial

Basically, you have to make sure that your Hunger, Thirst, and Oxygen bars are topped up at all times, as you will die if any of these bars are fully depleted.

To keep your Hunger up, you have to grab a bag of chips at the Break Room and eat it. Thirst, on the other hand, is topped up by grabbing a cup beside the water dispenser upstairs and filling it up.

Oxygen is topped up by going to the generator at the stairwell and filling it up with gasoline, which can be found right beside it.

Weird Strict Boss generator fueling

As you work to keep your bars filled up, the boss will occasionally wake up and check all around the office. When this happens, you will get a warning telling you to “GET TO WORK!!!”

Whenever you receive this warning, run back to your office and interact with one of the piles of paper to start “working”. Keep this up until the screen stops shaking and the tense music goes away.

Weird Strict Boss get to work warning

To confirm whether the boss is sleeping, simply go to the Cameras room and scroll through it until you see him on the couch. You can also simply go upstairs and check him yourself, though this is very risky.

Weird Strict Boss camera 5

And that is pretty much all you need to know in order to complete Weird Strict Boss. Simply keep your bars filled up until the time hits the 6 AM mark. If you successfully made it to the end of the night, you’ll get the ending cutscene and the game is essentially over!

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