Weird Strict Dad: Hide N Seek Gamemode Guide & How To Get Ending

Hide before he sees you!

Weird Strict Dad‘s new Hide N Seek game mode lets you either play as the dad or one of the kids. In this new mode, all you need to do is either stay alive until morning or chase and catch all your kids and make them a seeker based on your role. In this guide, we are going to talk about how you are going to complete the game and get an ending.

Hide N Seek Gamemode

At the beginning of the game in Weird Strict Dad, one of the players will be randomly chosen as the dad. All the other players will start the game as children. As the game goes on, the dad’s role is to catch the children and turn them into seekers.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek beginning.

How To Get Ending

We can say that there are two endings that you can get in the game. One happens when seekers win, and the other happens when hiders do. Let’s see how you are going to get these endings.

Seekers Win Ending

When the game begins, the players will be sorted into two groups. The ending’s name is pretty self-explanatory; it happens when seekers win the game. For this to be possible, the dad should locate and catch all the kids in the house and turn them into seekers.

Once all the kids become seekers, the seekers will win the game. The only objective for the seekers is to find the kids and occasionally fill the generator. While doing that, you should be careful not to step on any banana peels that might be thrown to the floor by the hiders.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek becoming the dad.

If you start the game as the dad, and you do not want any other seekers around, you might enable killing. If you do that, caught players are not going to become seekers, and they will just die. In that case, you should catch and kill all children until the morning.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek enable killing.

Hiders Win (Secret Ending)

The other ending happens when the hiders win. If you start the game as a hider, you are going to need to keep yourself away from the seekers until the morning.

When you begin the game as a child, you will have a banana peel and an invisibility potion in your bag. You can use these objects to get rid of the seekers.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek invisibility potion.

Once you throw a banana peel on the ground, anyone who steps on it will slip and fall. This can easily earn you some time when you are stuck in a tight place and need to flee quickly.

You can also use the invisibility potion to become invisible and away from seekers’ eyes.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek banana peel.

When you are playing as both parties, you are going to need to grab a gas can. As well as refill the generator under the stairs occasionally. In order to win, both parties are going to need to be able to see around you. That is why it is important to keep the electricity on.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek game mode refilling generator.

If the dad or the seekers cannot catch all the hiders before the clock hits 6 a.m., the secret ending will trigger. As a result, the hiders will win.

When the hiders win, a small cutscene will play. The dad is going to say that he is going to catch the children next time. This ending is pretty similar to the Become Dad Gamemode’s ending.

Weird Strict Dad Hide N Seek secret ending.

This is how you are going to complete the Weird Strict Dad’s Hide N Seek game mode. Whether you are a hider or a seeker, the game is pretty entertaining and not actually that difficult. We hope that this guide helped you learn how to get an ending in the game.

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