Where To Find a Wheel-Eye Bream in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Come here, fishy fishy…

The Wheel-Eye Bream is one of the 50+ types of fish you can catch in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and a particularly tough one… unless you know where to find it!

Knowledge is power, so knowing the right fishing spot will drastically increase your chances of getting this rare fish. Good thing you have us to tell you everything about it, right?

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to catch this fish once and for all.

Where To Find a Wheel-Eye Bream | Starting and Basics

Meeting Huang in Arenside

You can’t fish without a fishing rod, so you’ll first need to obtain one. Doing so will unlock the fishing minigame for you, letting you get as many of those Wheel-Eye Breams as you want.

Seemingly the only way to get a fishing rod is to speak with Huang, the wandering fisherman.

You can find him in the southwestern part of Arenside after you complete the Abandoned Mine dungeon as part of the story. It’s the first village you visit in the game, so it’s completely unmissable.

Hishahn Location

Alternatively, you might meet him on the southern edge of Hishahn, in the Euchrisse region.

Either way, the first time you speak to Huang he’ll ask you if you enjoy fishing.

Meeting Huang in Hishahn

Choose that you “love it” and he’ll comment on the fact that you lack a fishing rod. Since he’s such as swell guy, he’ll gift you with a Bamboo Rod!

You can now get to fishing at Fishing Spots across the world. Additionally, Huang himself will task you with catching a Wheel-Eye Bream. How convenient, right? It’s time to go get that fish!

Best Location For Wheel-Eye Bream

Where To Find a Wheel-Eye Bream in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes | Best Fishing Spot

The best fishing spot for Wheel-Eye Bream is to the east of Hishahn in Euchrisse, close to The Seaside Cavern. We’ve marked the exact fishing spot location on the map above.

Fishing Spot prompt

Once you reach the spot, just interact with the ledge to begin fishing.

All you really need to do now is to wait for the fish to bite, then press the Interact/Confirm button in time. It’s X (PlayStation), A (Xbox and Switch), or Enter (PC Keyboard).

Since the Wheel-Eye Bream is rather rare, you’ll also need some luck. Plus, the window to reel it in when it bites is kinda tight! Be patient when going for this one bugger.

Nonetheless, just keep fishing until you get it.


If you exhaust all fish in the Fishing Spot without catching the Wheel-Eye Bream, you’ll need to wait around 5 minutes for them to respawn.

Alternatively, you can go rest at an inn or reload a save to force them to respawn right away.

Either way, you now know how to fish and where exactly to find the Wheel-Eye Bream in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. All that’s left is having the patience to keep fishing until you get this rare fish!

Recruited Huang

Also, remember to return to Huang once you catch it. He’ll be so impressed by your fishing prowess that he will allow you to recruit Huang.


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