Where To Find Standard Grade Eggs for Paquia in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

How are 5 eggs enough to start a restaurant?

If you want to recruit Paquia in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroesyou’ll need to figure out where to find 5 standard grade eggs for her.

These eggs will allow her to set out to start her own restaurant. It will also make Paquia happy enough that she’ll offer to join your party as a reward!

Read on and we’ll tell you where to find all the eggs Paquia will ever need.

Where To Find Standard Grade Eggs | Paquia Recruitment Quest

Regular Egg | Where To Find Standard Grade Eggs | Paquia Recruitment Quest

First, let’s clear up some confusion. The “Standard Grade Eggs” that Paquia requests aren’t actually called that. The actual item name is simply Regular Egg.

It’s unknown if the mixup is due to an issue with localization or if Paquia just refers to them differently on purpose. Either way, keep that in mind!

On that note, the Promising Egg items are useless for Paquia. There might be other uses for them, but Paquia only needs the regular ones.

Fighting Egg enemies

Anyway, the Regular Eggs are a relatively common drop from all Egg-type enemies. These include Shell Eggs, Eggfoots, and Odd Eggs.

Redthroat Ridge location

You can find Shell Eggs easily in the Grum County region, with them being pretty common within the Redthroat Ridge optional dungeon.

Kyshiri Village Area map

Odd Eggs can be everywhere found in the Kyshiri Village Area region. You can reach it by going through the Mountain Pass Homeward in the western part of Grum County. 

In fact, you’ll visit it naturally during Chapter 1!

Area around Headquarters

Lastly, the Eggfoot enemies can be found right outside of your Headquarters. Just walk around in the overworld until you encounter them!

Equipment | Where To Find Standard Grade Eggs | Paquia Recruitment Quest

It’s a good idea to equip any accessories that boost drop chances, like the Lucky Badge you can get in the Seaside Cavern optional dungeon.

The Monster Attract Charm you can find in the Den of Dunes in Chapter 3 is also useful. It’ll make random encounters more frequent!

Obtained Regular Eggs

Either way, you just need to defeat these Egg-type enemies until you get 5 Regular Eggs.

Once you’ve got enough, go back to Paquia and give her the “standard grade eggs”. This will allow you to finally recruit her and Mandie!

That’s all you need to know to complete this recruitment quest. Wish Paquia had gotten the name of the eggs right, huh?


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