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Wukashi Complete Beginners Guide Roblox

Jumping into a completely new game can be challenging especially if you need to learn new mechanics and ways to progress. You’ll have to learn a lot of new things all over again and some people don’t have time for that.

In Wukashi, there are a lot of things you’ll need to know to progress through the game. They lock you out of progression if you don’t do certain things!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get started in the game and point you on the right path. We’ll go through how you can progress through from start to end game. So, let’s see what this game is all about!

Complete Beginner’s Guide | Roblox

As a beginner in the game, Wukashi can be quite a confusing one to learn. You can go around and do quests, but you’ll soon learn that you can’t rank up anymore. Maybe you’re stuck with progressing through the basics or losing money. Here are some tips to get you started!

Character Creation

When you start off the game, you’ll make a character and certain traits of your character will be random.

You’ll have a random clan and a random village. Also, you’ll be given random character features that you can reroll if you want.

Later on, you can buy rerolls in their store if you don’t like your starting features.

Wukashi Character Creation

Character Stats

When you get into the game and start leveling up, you’ll get an Attribute and Skill point for each level up.

To increase your attributes, you’ll want to press on the swirly button on the lower left of the screen next to your hotbar.

Wukashi Stats Button

This will open the Character Attribute screen where there are different stats you can increase. Here are all the stats and what they do:

  • Fibre – This stat increases your M1 damage as well as the amount of AP you have.
  • Soul – This stat will help you regenerate Chakra even in combat.
  • Heart – This stat will help you regenerate health even in combat.
  • Haste – This stat increases your sprint and walk speed.

Character Skills

When you press the M Key, you’ll open the Skill Tree menu. There, you can assign points to the different skills in the game.

The first ones you should go for are your clan skills which are usually in the lower right of the tree.

Wukashi Clan Skills

NOTE: Choosing Taijutsu (Green Skills) will lock you out of most of the skill trees.

At the bottom of the skill tree are your primary and secondary elements. You can pick up any element skills but using skills under these two elements will use less chakra.

Wukashi Primary And Secondary Skills

First Steps

When you spawn in your village, you’ll want to go and look for the NPC with the dollar sign on top of them as shown below.

This is the banker, and you can talk to them to deposit your cash there. Make sure to deposit your cash, so that you don’t lose it when you die.

Wukashi Banker

At the start, you can do missions in around the village or press the plus button on the left side of the screen. You’ll then want to press the Queue button, so you can do a mission against another player.

Doing missions will give you cash, and XP rewards and you’ll increase your rank doing so. When you reach the rank of E+, however, you can’t rank up any further.

To rank up even more, you’ll need to do the Genin exam.

Wukashi Queue Mission

Genin Exam

When you reach the Rank of E+, the only way to rank up more is to do the Genin Exam. Go to the village and look for the Sensei NPC. Talk to him and you can start the Genin Exam by paying 500 cash.

This will transport you to the arena where you’ll need to fight a bot to win. The catch is that you can only use your fist when you fight them, so make sure to do that!

Once you’ve finished the Genin Exam, you can then continue doing missions and rank up to C+. After that, you’ll need to do the next exam!

Wukashi Genin Exam

Chuunin Exam

There’s is another rank lock at C+ and when you reach it, you’ll need to do the Chuunin Exam. Like the Genin one, you’ll need to go to your Sensei and start the exam. The exam itself will cost 800 cash and you’ll be fighting with another player.

Wukashi Chuunin Exam

Don’t worry, if you lose you can try again but you’ll need to pay the same amount each time!

From there you can continue and rank up to the maximum rank of the game. At this point, you’ll be in mid-game already, so good luck!

With those tips and information, you can now hopefully go through Wukashi as a beginner! Now, go out there and try the game out!

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