Z Piece: All NPCs Location (Haki, Fighting Styles & More)

If you can find them, you can get some great stuff.

Z Piece is a Roblox game based off of two popular anime franchises: Dragon Ball Z and One Piece. In both franchises, you will find different powers and fighting styles that allowed the main characters in the anime to fight.

Well, in Z Piece, you can find the same fighting styles, Haki, and other powers to use to fight as well. There are plenty of them in the game, all you need to do is find them. In this guide, I will show you all of the NPC locations that will teach you different Haki’s and fighting styles in Z Piece.

All NPCs Location

There is a total of 8 NPC’s in the game that will give you Haki, fighting styles, and more. These NPC’s are located in different locations of the game, so you will need to find a way to travel between islands if you want to find all of them.

Race Spin NPC

The Race Spin NPC is the first NPC you can find in the game. She can be found in the starter island, right beside this large house in the town. Talking to her will allow you to change your race, but you will need to pay 49 Robux, which costs real life money.

Race Spin NPC location in Z Piece.

Random Fruit NPC

The next NPC is the Random Fruit NPC. You can find this NPC just across the Race Spin NPC, inside the building. When you talk to the Random Fruit NPC, you will get the option to spin for a random Fruit for either 200,000 dollars or 5 gems. You can also spin with Robux, but again, that costs real money to use.

Random Fruit NPC location in Z Piece.

Fruit NPC

The last NPC on the starter island is the Fruit NPC. This one can be found on the building to the right as you exit the building with the Random Fruit NPC. This NPC allows you to purchase a selection of fruits at different prices. The stock refreshes every Tuesday, so you can come back by then to see if there is anything new.

Fruit NPC location in Z Piece.

Observation Haki NPC

Moving away from the fruits, we now go to Haki’s. There are only 2 Haki’s to obtain, and the two of them can be found on Marine Island. The first Haki, Observation Haki, can be found by speaking to this NPC on top of the building that’s overlooking the town. You can buy the Observation Haki for 750,000 dollars, which is expensive.

Observation Haki NPC location in Z Piece.

Armament Haki NPC

Not far from the Observation Haki NPC, you can find the Armament Haki NPC (Buso Haki) in this house. Go inside the house and you can speak to the Armament Haki NPC to purchase it for 500,000 dollars.

Armament Haki NPC location in Z Piece.

Black Leg Dealer NPC

We now move onto fighting styles, starting with the Black Leg. You will first need to travel to Baratie, where the Black Leg Dealer is. Once there, go to the top of the building and you will find the Black Leg Dealer. Talk to him and he will teach you Black Leg for 150,000 dollars.

Black Leg Dealer NPC location in Z Piece.

Fishman Karate NPC

The next fighting style is the Fishman Karate. First, you will need to travel to Skypiea. From the entrance of Skypiea, head left and you will find the Fishman Karate meditating on this rock. Talk to him and he will teach you the Fishman Karate for 500,000 dollars.

Fishman Karate NPC location in Z Piece.

Master Oogway NPC

The last NPC you can find that will teach you anything can be found on Enies Lobby. There, head to the docks and you will find Master Oogway. Talk to him and he will teach you Teleport for 250,000 dollars.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Z Piece, then you can check out the updated codes for Z Piece that are currently available for the game.

Master Oogway NPC location in Z Piece.

Set Spawn NPC

For this NPC, you can find her anywhere. She is called Set Spawn and she is located on every island, usually near the docks. She lets you spawn on any island, free of charge.

Set Spawn NPC location in Z Piece.

Boat Dealer NPC

This next NPC is also located on every island as well. This is the Boat Dealer NPC, who sells you boats at different prices, so you can use them to travel between different islands if you have no fruits capable of flight. Here are the boats you can get from him:

  • Rowboat – 100 Beli
  • Medium Ship – 1000 Beli
  • Galleon – 5000 Beli
  • Coffin Boat – 1000 Beli
Boat Dealer NPC location in Z Piece.

Katana Dealer NPC

The Katana Dealer is an NPC you can find on the Starter Island. He sells you the Katana weapon for 5000 Beli and nothing else.

Katana Dealer NPC location in Z Piece.

Dual Katana Dealer NPC

Where there is a Katana Dealer, there is a Dual Katana Dealer. This NPC can be found on Bocky Island, and he will sell you the Dual Katana for 150,000 Beli.

Dual Katana Dealer NPC location in Z Piece.

Triple Katana Dealer NPC

The last of the Katana Dealers, the Triple Katana Dealer NPC, can be found on Snow Island. Talking to him will give you the Triple Katana, which costs 500,000 Beli.

Triple Katana Dealer NPC location in Z Piece.

Specs Shop

The Specs Shop is another NPC that sells premium Z Piece items. These Specs are powerful items that you can equip to change your moveset, similar to Fruits and weapons. Here are the Specs you can get from the Specs Shop:

  • Gear5
  • Malevolent Shrine
  • Hollow Purple
  • Atomic Spec
  • Omni Directional Punch
  • Fire Arrow
  • Cleave
  • Gojo’s Blue
  • Gojo’s Reversal Red
  • Flame Arrow
Specs Shop NPC location in Z Piece.

Sea 2 Traveler NPC

This NPC is the Sea 2 Traveler, and she lets you travel to Sea 2 for free. She can be found on the Starter Island, near the Random Fruit NPC.

Sea 2 Traveler NPC location in Z Piece.

Sea 1 Traveler NPC

Similar to Sea 2 Traveler, Sea 1 Traveler does the same, but she takes you back to Sea 1.

Sea 1 Traveler NPC location in Z Piece.

Dragon Breath NPC

The Dragon Breath NPC lets you buy the Dragon Breath if you have 500k Beli, Toroa Leaf, and are level 2000. You can find him on Toroa Island.

Dragon Breath NPC location in Z Piece.

BusoV2 NPC

In the Sabaody Archipelago island, you can find the BusoV2 NPC. This NPC will let you get Haki V2 if you give him 100 Gems or 10M Beli.

For more details, make sure to check out this guide which covers getting Haki V2 Location in Z Piece!

BusoV2 NPC location in Z Piece.

BusoV2 Outline Roll NPC

This NPC can be found next to the BusoV2 NPC. The BusoV2 Outline Roll basically allows you to change the color of your Haki for 49 Robux.

BusoV2 Outline Roll NPC location in Z Piece.

That’s all you need to know about all of the NPC locations in Z Piece. Did this guide help you find all of them in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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