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A Kind Of Treasure Hunt Guide In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Hunting for treasure has never been easy; that is until you read this guide!

The A Kind of Treasure Hunt quest is a DLC Crossover Story that players can complete by finding all 5 Ancient Tablets. This guide will show you where you can find all the Ancient Tablets as well as the location of the treasure on the map. 

Kind of Treasure Hunt — Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The first ancient tablet is in Lake Katarrakton. You can find it at the end of the dock near the lake. Next, go to Alieos Village and interact with the clay pot to get the Captain and the Cyclops item. 

You can find the second ancient tablet in the Temple of Poseidon inside a small tent. 

Go to the statue on the easternmost part of Korfu Island. You will find the Father of History, Friend to You on top of the altar. 

Head to the Heart of Korkyra and enter the quarry. The third ancient tablet is on top of the stone slabs. 

You can find Wine Time near the Kataskopou Vineyard. The item is on top of the altar next to the statue. From the Peak of the Phaiakes, head southwest until you reach the Ruins of Ichor. The fourth ancient tablet is on the staircase railing. 

To get the Memories of Misthios, go to the northwesternmost part of the map in Cape Moirai. You can get the item on top of the hill. 

The last ancient tablet is in the Koiladi Farm, on the rooftop of a stone house. 

You also need to get the Champion in Kassiope. You can find it near the flower garlands on the docks. After getting this item, you can now retrieve the reward for the quest. 

Kind of Treasure Hunt Quest Rewards

Go to the quest area on the map and before you get close to the statue, call Ikaros. Look south towards the beach and you will find the treasure. Loot the chest on the beach and you will complete the quest. 

You will get the Raven Response, Drachmae, Iron Metal, Olive Wood, and a Soft Leather for completing the quest.

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