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Search The Area For The Client In GTA 5 Online

A client needs rescuing. Use this handy guide to save him!

In the rescue operation mission in GTA 5 Online, you need to search the area for the missing client. Smoke and blood trails can help you determine the location of the client. Be sure to follow this guide to rescue the client successfully. 

Search the Area for the Client — GTA 5 Online

Start from the very bottom of the quest area and head to the desert area to the east. You will see red smoke at the distance so head towards the smoke. You will find a crash site for an airplane and a few cars here.

Head north this time until you see a signboard at a distance. Keep heading north until you hear gunshots and people fighting. 

Your next step is to take out the hitmen that are trying to kill the client. Use the rocks on your left as cover and take them out one by one. 

After taking out all the hitmen in the area, go to the client near the small shack. The client will start following you and you need to go back to the crash site from before. 

Use the car and deliver the client back to the safe house. And with that, your client is safe and sound!

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