ABA: 25+ Best MUI Goku Techs Guide

Cool new moves!

The fourteenth character in the Dragon Ball lineup is MUI Goku, additionally referred to as DBS Goku or SSJ Blue Goku. MUI Goku was added to the game with the latest update of Anime Battle Arena, and this incredible character has more than 25 techs. In this guide, we are going to explain each of these techs and talk about their best use. If you are ready, let’s take a look together! Feel free to check out the table of contents below if you are looking for a specific section of this guide.

Best MUI Goku Techs

First things first, let’s take a look at MUI Goku’s moves. At base level, this character offers you four amazing moves. These are:

  • Elbow Kick: Goku throws his opponent into the air with his elbow. Then dive kicks them and slams them to the ground. It will only do the diving kick if you use it while holding down space.
  • Kame Blast: Goku attacks his adversaries with a long-range energy beam. In exchange for some of his health being depleted, Goku uses Kaio-ken to increase the power of the beam if the move is performed twice.
    • After using the beam, he charges at his target. When used while holding down space, Goku shoots a short-range energy burst towards the ground. It knocks anybody impacted to the ground as well.
  • Rapid Kick Rush: Goku lunges ahead and delivers a kick. If it reaches a target, he will strike them with a series of punches and kicks until he knocks them out with a final kick.
    • Goku can increase the power of his strikes by using the Kaioken while holding down space. After landing the last kick, he teleports to his opponent and launches them into the air in return for a portion of his health being taken.
  • Cosmic Rush: Uses his arm to create a blue ki blast before charging towards his adversary and striking them with it. He will shoot the ki blast at the opponent if the user cancels the move by pressing LMB.
ABA: 25+ Best MUI Goku Techs

Ultra Instinct Sign (Unmastered) Moves

Ultra Instinct Sign Goku concentrates and becomes “Ultra Instinct” in its unmastered state. The opening few seconds of the awakening sequence are from Dragon Ball Super OST – Blue Saiyan. The remaining portion is from Dragon Ball Super – Ultimate Battle | Instrumental Epic Rock COVER.

MUI Goku Unmastered Transformation animation.

This transformed mode has four moves and one passive move in total.

  • Instinctive Dodges (Passive): MUI Goku has access to special dodge and block moves while in mode. During the cartwheel-style dodge, which replaces the standard TP dashes, Goku gains a little bit of hyper-armor. Additionally, MUI Goku will weave through their hits rather than blocking like a typical character would. Goku appears to be able to move about more freely and be somewhat immune to the block slowing as a result. He can still lose against traditional methods, though. Additionally, he can avoid being upflung or down-slammed by using Instinct.
MUI Goku passive move.
  • Autonomous Fist: Before unleashing a Soaring Fist Barrage, Goku bombards his opponent at a fast pace. It is so fast that he appears to be invisible. He can only perform the Soaring Fist Barrage when holding space. However after the final blow, he will teleport to his opponent and slam them into the ground.
    • If you perform Instinct while this move is active, it cancels it. Then, Goku gains I-frames while constantly phasing in and out, letting him to move quickly.
  • Instinct: Goku adopts a momentary stance. Goku crumples opponents if he is struck while in the position, levitates, and then unleashes nearly instantaneous attacks. Goku can teleport in front of the opponent. After that, punch them away if you perform the move while holding down the space bar.
    • When combined with his other moves, it modifies them.
  • Godly Display: Goku prepares to fly forward by charging up. When Goku strucks an opponent while in the air, he will launch them into the air. They will be blitzed, and teleported around. Afterward, they will be smashed into the ground as he teleports to them one more time and kicks them out.
    • If you perform Instinct while this move is active, Goku will launch a powerful Kamehameha at the opponent. He will kick them out of the way.
  • Divine Kame: Goku charges an energy beam as he flips forward and fires the Kamehameha upon landing. Holding down space allows Goku to charge the Kamehameha before shooting it, causing him to teleport into the air.
    • If you perform Instinct while this move is active, Goku will teleport to the enemy before releasing the Kamehameha.
All moves of MUI Goku.

Ultra Instinct Sign (Mastered) Moves

Miraculous Awakening – After dying, Goku regains consciousness and changes into the mastered condition of Ultra Instinct. Press G when you have less than 25% HP (1 Bar) to complete this transition, and then die.

The moves are basically the same, but they will have extended effects.

MUI Goku Mastered transformation animation.

Awakening/MUI Combos

There are two combos that you can do with MUI Goku. Knowing these combos might give you advantage in fights. These are:

  1. 4 M1s + Autonomous Fist [Normal Ver.] + Godly Display [w/ Instinct]
  2. 3 M1s + Uptilt + Down Slam + Divine Kame [Air Variation] + Autonomous Fist [Air Variation] + 4 M1s + Godly Display [w/ Instinct]
MUI Goku combos.

Additional Information

  • Goku is the first character to get a third variation.
  • A few other characters, such Accelerator and Satoru Gojo, have their own block animations. But only UI Omen and MUI Goku have had their entire block animation changed.
  • All one-shot moves, such as Kakashi’s Kamui and Gon’s End, are ineffective against Goku.
  • The only one-shot ulimate that can evade MUI activation, though, is Super Dummy’s Kill Brick.
  • It is worth noting that Goku remains vulnerable to three unique auto-attacks: Denji’s Hug, Gojo’s Infinite Void, and Cell’s Solar Kamehameha. He and the awoken Giorno are the only two characters that are capable of doing this.
MUI Goku information.

This is it for this ABA: 25+ Best MUI Goku Techs Guide. Before you leave, do not forget to check out our guides on Gojo Rework Complete Guide & Best Combos, and Anime Battle Arena: Best Character Tier List (ABA) as well.


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