ABA: Denji Chainsaw Man Complete Guide & Best Combos

Save your cash and get this cool character for yourself!

ABA: Denji Chainsaw Man Complete Guide & Best Combos

ABA‘s is an anime-inspired game where you select a character from one of the most loved animes. You will then use that character to fight with other players and try to become the best fighter.

The game is always releasing new characters for players to try and provide them with a better experience.

The Denji Chainsaw Man is one of the newly added characters in Anime Battle Arena. This character has four different unique abilities you can use.

In this guide, we will show you the abilities of the Denji Chainsaw Man and some combos you can use with him.

Denji Chainsaw Man Complete Guide & Best Combos


To get Denji, you will want to purchase him from the in-game shop for $2222. After that, you can just use him in battle. To help you find him, he’s the final character in the Misc. section.

ABA Denji

His first ability is Severance. Once you cast the ability, he will pull out a sharp knife. Then, he will quickly slice at the opponent in front of him. This will deal 4.5 damage to your opponent and is also a guard break.

ABA 1st Move

The next ability is Bloodbath. He will pull out a Chainsaw and start attacking his opponent. The Chainsaw will deal rapid damage, dealing 3.5 for each tick.

If you manage to land all of the attacks, the damage will add up and become much higher. At the end of the animation, you will knock your opponent backward.

ABA 2nd Move

Your third ability is Nut Cracker. Upon activation, you will perform a kick attack. This will stun your opponent for a short duration. The attack deals extremely low damage so you will mostly use this move for the stun effect.

ABA 3rd Move

Your final move is Ripper. After you cast the ability, you will transform and receive four different abilities:

  • Chain Grab: You will grab your opponents with your chain, launch them upwards, and slam them down to the ground.
  • Blood Frenzy: Performs a slash that slows your opponent and deals low damage. It can also guard break.
  • SHAARK!!!: Rides a shark in the desired direction. Once the shark runs into a player, that player will receive damage and be stunned for a short duration.
  • Grind: This is relatively similar to Blood Bath. You will rapidly attack your opponent with the chainsaw, then knock them back at the final attack.
ABA 4th Move

As you use your combos, he will charge a gauge to the left of the screen. After a while, you can press the transformation key to transform him.

By doing this, you will receive another 4 different abilities that you can use:

  • Space Bowgabunga: Launches yourself upwards, before charging at an opponent from the sky. This will also stun them for a short duration.
  • Chains Grabs: A better version of the normal Chain Grab. This can let you grab multiple opponents at the same time (up to 4).
  • Chain Rupture: Creates a piece of stone under your opponent. After that, the stone will launch upwards before slamming down onto the ground, stunning and dealing damage.
  • Hug: You will hug your opponents with your chainsaw, dealing high, rapid damage.


Here are some of the combos that you can use depending on what form you are using:

  • Base Combo: M1 x3 > Aerial Attack > Severance > M1 x3 > Aerial Attack > Nut Cracker > M1 x3 > Aerial Attack > Blood Bath.
  • Mini Mode Combo: M1 x3 > Blood Frenzy > M1 x3 > Shark > M1 x3 > Aerial Strike > Chain Grab > M1 x3.
  • Final Mode Combo: M1 x3 > Space Bowgabunga > Knockup > M1 x3 > Aerial Strike > Hug > Knockup > M1 x3 > Aerial Strike.

That’s how you can use the Denji Chainsaw Man in ABA. He is a character with a lot of combo extenders, letting you stun and damage your opponents for a long time. Since they are all great ways to start combos, you will have an easier time catching your opponents.

And if you’re looking for a similar guide but for Gojo’s Rework and his combos, check out our guide on that as well!

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