Ability Wars: How To Get Gingerbread Ability & Showcase

Run around and hit people with that strong candy cane!

Ability Wars: How To Get Gingerbread Ability & Showcase

Ability Wars‘s newest Christmas 2023 Event comes with many new abilities, including the Gingerbread Ability. This ability is extremely fun to use with so many interactions with other players.

In this guide, we will show you how to get the Gingerbread Ability. You will also get to see all of the moves of the Gingerbread ability.

How To Get Gingerbread Ability & Showcase

First, let’s learn about the Gingerbread Houses. These Houses can be spawned randomly by the game or by other players.

Inside the houses, you will get to fight with another player if they walk into the same house you walked in.

  • If it’s a house the Gingerbread user created, that user will gain extra damage and movement speed. This is the E Ability of Gingerbread.
  • If it is a randomly generated house, no one will get the buff. However, the winner of the dual will receive the Gingerbread Ability if they haven’t received it.

Keep in mind that the game can take up to an hour to generate the houses, so be patient.

Ability Wars Gingerbread House

Your R Ability lets you create a candy cane. You can use this Candy Cane as a weapon to fight other players. It can knock other players quite a far distance so it can be quite useful.

Ability Wars Cane

When you press the R button a second time, you will throw the Candy Cane. This will act like a Boomerang, pressing the key will return the Cane to your hands.

It can also bounce when it bounces into a terrain, so take that into account when you use the ability. Once it hits a terrain, it will move randomly, making it unreliable for you to hit opponents.

Ability Wars Throw Cane

Your Q Ability will let you create clouds that launch beams at an opponent. The area of effect will be at your cursor’s location. This ability has a pretty large range that lets you damage opponents from far away.

Ability Wars Beams

That’s how you can get the Gingerbread Ability & Showcase. This ability provides you a good way for you to fight your opponents. You can create a house that gives you extra stats when you are inside, making the Gingerbread great for 1v1 situations.

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