Tower Heroes: How To Get Lumber Wishlist

He is made to be chopped down!

As part of the Christmas Celebrations, some new challenges have made their way to Tower Heroes. You can now participate in Wishlists and other challenges courtesy of the new updates.

They can get quite challenging, since there are some steps that you need to fulfill alongside fighting through waves of enemies.

In this guide, we will show you how you can get the Lumber Wishlist. Doing so will provide you with all the rewards associated with it.

Additionally, we will provide you with tips that can allow you to clear the wave and ensure that you can defeat the Lumber Boss. Let’s dive in.

How To Get Lumber Wishlist

Starting off, you will need to get into an Abandoned Alleyways match. So, click on the Servers option and make sure you select the map. Hit Start and launch the game.

You can select any difficulty that suits you, as you can complete the Wishlist on any one of them.

We recommend that you queue up with two or three friends, as the waves can get really intense once you progress.

Also, one of your party members will need to focus on feeding Lumber, as you will see ahead.

Abandoned Alleyway in Tower Heroes.

Once you spawn into the game, one friend must immediately place down some of their Towers.

After that, they should immediately start exploring the map to look for Lumber while the others deal with the waves. 

You can typically find him in the corner of one of the enemy entrances.

Locating Lumber in Tower Heroes.

Once you locate Lumber, you will need to start feeding him Builds. We suggest that you feed him cheap Builds like Planks or Lampy’s.

You will need to feed him about 20-30 of these so be prepared to wait for a while.

Feeding Lumber in Tower Heroes.

Eventually, when you have fed him enough, he will explode. You will get a notification on the top right corner, giving you an update related to the Lumber Wishlist.

Lumber Exploding in Tower Heroes.

After that, you should continue the game like normal and focus your attention on the waves. You can bring any units you want or suit your playstyle.

However, we highly recommend that you bring Quinn and Byte.

Byte can Stun enemies while Quinn can deal a lot of damage to them from distance. We suggest you do not bring Goblino as he cannot stun Lumber when he spawns towards the end.

Fighting Wave on Abandoned Alleyway in Tower Heroes.

Once you have dealt with Wave 35, Lumber will spawn towards the end. Do not underestimate him, as Lumber can be incredibly difficult to deal with even though he only has 100K Health (depends on difficulty).

He is really fast and can break any building.

Lumber spawning on map in Tower Heroes.

Make sure that you use Byte here so that you can stun Lumber, otherwise he will dash through your defense.

After he is Stunned, you can use the rest of the Towers to pile in a lot of damage. If you have other strategies that you feel can deal with him, we highly suggest you use them too.

Once he is defeated, you should get the Lumber Badge and Wishlist. A notification in the top right corner of your screen will tell you that you did everything right.

Lumber Wishlist completed in Tower Heroes.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Lumber Wishlist in Tower Heroes. As you can see, a pretty straightforward process once you have dealt with Lumber at the start of the match.

Feeding him does take time and you will want to dedicate full focus to it. So, if you play as a duo or trio, the feeding part will be much more manageable, as you can divide tasks.

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