Adopt Me: All Secrets in Desert Egg Update

Learn about the secrets of the game!

All Secrets in the Desert Egg Update of Adopt Me Roblox.

The new Royal Desert Egg update in Adopt Me has also added a list of new secrets to explore. The new update was officially announced with at least two new eggs added: the Royal Desert Egg and Urban Egg.

But that’s not everything. There’s going to be some sneaky secrets you don’t want to miss out!

Royal Desert Egg Update Secret Revealed

The Royal Desert Egg event allows players to get two statues a day. Doing this for 6 days will get them 12 statues to unlock the Royal Desert Egg.

However, YouTuber Cookie Cutter reveals in a video that he’s gotten the 3 statue on the very first day.

The content creator revealed that he had logged into the game through a private server for the update. He found the statue already available to collect just 5 minutes before it was officially launch.

Because of that, the third statue had been revealed earlier to him.

Alongisde this fact was how the Royal Desert Egg silhouette points out to 3 different statues, hinting towards the type of pets you can get:

  • Fox Statue
  • Fish/Amphibian Statue
  • Armadillo Statue

There’s a sighting of an unknown black-colored Roblox NPC underneath the Sphinx. This is presumed to be the behind-the-scene of the dialogue of the Sphinx.

Finally, he revealed a secret pathway in front of the Sphinx. This is presumed to be the pathway downward that unlocks after you collected all 12 statues.

The content creator has also reported this slight bug to the developer of Adopt Me. He’s warned people against exploiting this bug and the possibility of a hotfix coming soon. Which means those who try to get early start might have their progress pushed back.

With that said, you can still get the free Royal Desert Egg in time if you keep collecting the statues. If the developer doesn’t roll it back, you’ll be able to get it a day earlier.

And that’s the secrets of the Royal Desert Egg update in Adopt Me! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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