Aether Gazer: Global Limited Tier List

Who will come out on top?

Aether Gazer offers players so many Modifiers that they can use in the game. Each Modifier is part of one of five Factions, providing a variety of Synergy related options that you can utilize.

Additionally, each Modifier has a set of skills that they can use in a variety of ways. All of them fulfill a particular role with the skills that they have, and your goal is to make the best team possible.

There are many Modifiers in the game, with S-Rank Limited Modifiers being widely used and a subject of wide debate among the community. That is why we have prepared a Tier List that will help you understand which Limited Modifiers you should use when creating your teams.

Global Limited Tier List

You can use many Modifiers in the game, but we highly recommend that you aim for Limited S-Rank Modifiers.

They are used more often and can really elevate your gameplay. But not all Modifiers are built equal, with some offering much more than others.

With that said, here is the Global Limited S-Rank Tier List:

Global Limited S-Rank Tier List for Aether Gazer.

S Tier

  • Hades is arguably the best Modifier in the game. She is the best DPS in the game because she has a very synergistic team, allowing her to output crazy amounts of damage.
    • We strongly recommend you try and get her to elevate your team massively.
  • On the other hand, we have Hera who is the best Support in the game right now. She can amplify her team’s damage output by such a huge margin.
    • Additionally, she can even do some good damage herself, making her incredibly strong.

A Tier

  • There is a lot that works well for Oceanus as a Modifier, both in terms of his skills and his kit’s Synergy. He can output a tremendous amount of damage, and is also considered very fun to use. However, he cannot compete with Hades in this regard.
    • Nonetheless, he is an exceptional DPS Modifier.
  • Tsukuyomi is a really good Modifier that offers some really good damage. However, she can be a bit too technical to use for newcomers to the game because of her ability to inflict and remove the Seal of Thunder.
    • But she is still an excellent Modifier and you can get past the technical aspect with time.
  • There is no Modifier like Hel in the game currently. She is incredibly unique because of her Cannon mode, in which she becomes really Tanky. She can deal a lot of damage, especially in the AoE side.
    • However, her gameplay can seem a little slow but there is just no one like her.
  • Living Soul Osiris is another incredibly unique Modifier. Her Ultimate grants her a second Health Bar which basically makes her Immortal as long as you can keep it up. You can certainly manage this with the right team.
    • In this way, you can do a lot of damage with her. She also moves around fast and is really fun to play.

B Tier

  • In terms of comfort, you won’t find many better than Leviathan. She just provides so much utility, which includes damage reduction, massive healing and even some decent damage. If there is content that you struggle with, then Leviathan can ensure that you survive.
    •  However, she doesn’t stand out in any of the things she is good at, but is a great comfort pick.
  • Athena can be a bit of a double edged sword, providing great damage but being difficult to use. She is incredibly unique and the Rhythm mechanic can make her a bit tricky to use. If you can use her well, you can certainly do a lot of damage.
    • However, she just does not stack up well in terms of damage when compared to the other Modifiers.
  • If you’re looking for fast and flashy gameplay, Shu is the Modifier for you. She also has two stances which further adds to her uniqueness. Unfortunately, the Marks mechanism can be a bit clunky and you have to go through a lot of effort to collect them.
    • So, you can do a lot of damage with her, but it just requires a lot of effort to get there. There are some play styles you can use to deal with the Marks problem. But this can end up restricting you if you like a particular play style.

C Tier

  • Unfortunately, Skadi is just not as good as she used to be in the start of the game. Her Skill 3 is practically useless, and other Modifiers have just become better than her. She is still incredibly fun to play but just cannot overcome the other Modifiers.
    • However, it is expected that her future Rework will likely skyrocket her value.

That’s everything you need to know about the Global Limited S-Rank Modifiers Tier List for Aether Gazer. We recommend that you experiment around with the Modifiers. Some of the more difficult to use Modifiers might actually suit your playstyle and end up providing you with more value. After all, this Tier List does have some subjectivity, so we encourage you to discover what works for you.

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