Alien Worlds: Where to Mine

Want the most efficient locations for mining in Alien Worlds? – Here are some suggestions.

Since there are many different land types and planets, it may be confusing, especially for beginners to choose the best place to mine in Alien Worlds.

The goal here is to choose a place that has the lowest commission rate and find areas in the game that are most efficient for mining.

Remember: The commission rate in Alien Worlds can vary as landowners change for higher commission for various reasons, including exclusive NFT drops. Make sure to stay updated with the latest commission land data from the community.

Planet Stake

When choosing the best planet, you need to check out the staked planet data. A higher staked planet increases your rewards. However, even though a higher staked planet may sound appealing, you also need to take a look at the number of players that are minting there.

If the planet is crowded with many players, your chances of getting a reward significantly decrease.

NFT Mining

In order to find the best place to mine NFTs in Alien Worlds, you need to find the most efficient land that has the best odds of getting an NFT per mine attempt. 

Check out this chart by Vulpes’ that can help you find the best place to mine in Alien Worlds

Having higher chances of NFT drop doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right place for mining. You also need to take into consideration the commissions that must be paid, and different recharge times just to make sure they fit into your schedule.

As of now, the best place to mine in Alien Worlds is Sandy Coastline with an NFT luck multiplier of 1.8 and 100% NFT efficiency. This doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed an NFT if you mine on Sandy Coastline.

Another important thing is that the mining process in Alien Worlds isn’t simple as setting it and forgetting it. You need to check the commissions and multipliers on each land since they can vary.

Sometimes mining for a shorter period of time on land with lower NFT efficiency can be more rewarding than choosing a higher NFT efficiency land that requires longer mining time.

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