Farming Simulator 22: Pigs Guide

Sell and produce slurry from pigs!

Pigs are one of the animals that you can take care of in Farming Simulator 22. As you continue taking care of your pigs, their value rises. Here is how you can purchase pigs and sell their animal byproducts for profitable income. 

Purchasing Pigs

To start taking care of pigs, you have to purchase a Pig Pen first. Just like all animals, you can find this in the Construction menu, under the Pigs tab. To buy pigs, you can use or purchase an animal transport device in the Animal Transport menu.

You can manually go to the Animal Dealer with your Animal Transport equipment and purchase pigs. You can also go to the Pig Pen and purchase pigs directly or open the Animal Dealer menu to buy Pigs. Keep in mind that the last two methods will have a delivery fee on top of the pig’s price. 

Pig Menu

You can find the condition of your pig in the Animal Menu. Pigs require Corn/Sorghum, Wheat/Barley, Soybeans/Canola/Sunflowers, and Potatoes/Sugar Beet for their diet. If you have an outside Pig Pen, you need to purchase the Aqua Trans to fill your water and transport them in your Pig-Pen.

If you purchased a barn, you do not need to take care of the water for the pigs. Pigs also need Straw Bedding. Simply unload the Straw Bedding on the Unload Icon located in the Pig-Pen. You can purchase Straw Bales in the store. 

Feeding Pigs

Pigs have a complicated diet, and you need to give them one of each from the 4 food types above. If you do not want to do it one by one, you can also purchase Pig Feed in the store and unload it on the feeding trough of the Pigpen. 

Pigs produce Slurry and you can get them on the tube near your Pen or barn. You can purchase a Slurry Tank in the store to transport Slurry. You can sell pigs to the Animal Dealer for profit or sell the Slurry they produce in the Production tab.

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