All 6 Stolen Treasures – God of War Ragnarok

No stolen treasure shall be left behind!

The Stolen Treasures are types of places where you can find a lot of good loot and rewards if you do manage to find them. They are scattered all across the map so you will need a helping hand to find them all. ItemLevel has your back as usual! Let’s help you locate all 6 of them!

God of War Ragnarok – All 6 Stolen Treasures

1st Stolen Treasure – Shores Of Nine

You will just have to go to the very big tempelooking type of building that can be found in the very same location shown in the picture above. It will be very simple. Just climb on the right ledge and then walk a little bit until you find it.

2st Stolen Treasure – Ankh

For this one, you will have to go a little bit to the east side from the first one. This one is a little bit tricky. Just follow the main road that you can find to get inside the The Oarsmen. You will get under a stone boulder and burn a bush with your fire hook on the way.

Next up is just entering this dark hole that will be behind the branches that you will need to pass. You will go inside and then just follow the road up and down until you get to the big chain with the boat. You will need to pull the chain and get inside the cave.

Once you will pull the chain you will open up a hidden cave underneath it. Enter it and here you will be able to find the hidden stolen treasure.

3rd Stolen Treasure – The Derelict Outpost

This is exactly where you can find the stolen treasure. You will need to get inside the Derelict outpost from the very tight and long narrow alleyway that is starting from the right and going to the left. Once you get to the very end on the left you will need to climb up with the chain to get to the top.

On top, you will enter a cave and you will need to use your axe to make the crane on the left side so you can jump over it. When you get to the other side of the cave you will see a lot of enemies that you will need to defeat.

Jump on over to the other side of the hole in the ground. Once here, you will take a right and then just get inside this very same hole that you will jump over. At the bottom of the cave is where you will find the treasure.

4st Stolen Treasure – Lake Of Nine

Come to this same location where you will find a flaming helmet on the ground. When you get here you will look around and just find this very small hole that is on the wall of the big building in the middle.

Get inside it and you’ll find the treasure.

5th Stolen Treasure – Lake Of Nine

Just come to this location as shown in the picture above and you will find the stolen treasure on a dead body that is laying on the ground.

6st Stolen Treasure – Lake Of Nine

This is the location of the 6th stolen treasure. It will be literally just under the bridge that is leading to the big structure in the middle. You can walk up to it and just pick it up.

Those are all of the stolen treasures that you can find! We hope that this guide has been useful and brought you all of them. Have fun doing it yourself now. Good luck!

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