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All Enkanomiya Symbol Code Puzzles – Genshin Impact

Arrange symbols in order to your heart’s content!

A new type of puzzle is introduced in the Enkanomiya Islands. The Symbol Code puzzles feature symbols lighting up in a sequence. You will then need to activate the symbols in the correct order to solve them.

All Enkanomiya Symbol Puzzles — Genshin Impact

Here are the symbol puzzles that you will encounter in Enkanomiya:

  • Heart of Ouroboros quest: This quest requires you to go to the Serpent’s heart, showing the first symbol puzzle in the altar. The solution is simple, just activate the symbols at the middle and go to the symbols according to the correct sequence.
  • On the central teleport waypoint of Dainichi Mikoshi:

Glide down to the base of the temple and you will see a ruin guard next to some bombs. Activate the bombs and you will gain access to a hidden room.  Hit the blue triangle once and switch to Whitenight. Hit the triangle that is not glowing once and change back to Evernight.

Go back to the room and you can find the series of symbols lighting up after you activate them.

  • On the central teleport waypoint of the Evernight temple:

Glide down the cliff and keep heading west until you see a mechanism that changes Whitenight to Evernight. Head left and you will see a series of symbols on the wall.

Go back to the altar in the first symbol puzzle and enter the correct sequence of the symbols from the Evernight temple to get an Exquisite chest.

And there you have it, that is all the Symbol Puzzles you can solve in the Enkanomiya Islands!

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