Genshin Impact: Akashi Archery Challenge | Step Right Up Achievement

How about archery, are you ready to step right up?

Long-ranged archers like Yoimiya and Amber in Genshin Impact utilize their aim and charged attack against enemies. One of the challenges in Inazuma calls for your aiming skills and it is called the Akashi Archery Challenge. Here is how you can complete the challenge.

Akashi Archery Challenge— Genshin Impact

To start the challenge, you first need to go to the southernmost teleport waypoint in the Evernight Temple Island. Beside a stone pillar, you will find a ghost called Akashi.

Talk to Akashi and he will tell you about his training for archery.

He will then ask you if you want to try doing the challenge. Accept the challenge and bring out an archer character like Ganyu or Aloy.

Step into the light and you will see that the barrier surrounding the targets will disappear.

The trick to this challenge is to aim at the stone pillar to the north of the target and then go slightly southeast for the second shot. After hitting all the targets below, report back to Akashi.

Akashi will then tell you that he loves Unagi, which is why he is training to be an archer. Complete the quest and you will get a Precious chest as a reward.

You will also get the Step Right Up achievement after completing the quest.

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