All Hereafter Quests Guide – Genshin Impact

Complete all the Hereafter quests!

The Hereafter quests take you through the aftermath of Xiao’s story chapter. This series of quests is all about rebuilding the temple of Pervases, the Yaksha who passed away years ago. Below is a guide on how you can complete all the Hereafter Quests. 

Hereafter Quests Guide— Genshin Impact

Before you can start with the Hereafter Quests in Genshin Impact, you have to complete Xiao’s story first. After this, you will get a notification for a quest called “Hereafter: The Trail of Pervases”. You can check out our full guide for that here

After going to the temple of Pervases and helping out Wang Ping’an who is in need, you need to wait for the daily server reset. After the daily server reset, you will unlock the quest called “Hereafter: All is Well”. Teleport back to the western part of Liyue harbor and go back to the temple of Pervases. 

Talk to Pervases and he will ask that you defeat the Treasure Hoarders in the area. Defeat them and report back to him. He will then ask you for some Sandbearer wood. After giving him the Sandbearer wood, you complete the quest. 

Wait for the daily reset again and go back to the temple to start the quest called “Hereafter: Return to the Mountains”. The temple will be now complete so talk to Wang Ping’an. Offer incense to the altar and that completes the whole questline. 

And there you have it, Pervases will be delighted for your service!

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