All Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – God of War Ragnarok

Un-bury all the Buried Treasures!

Buried Treasures can be quite a pain to find because they won’t be marked on the map at all and you will need to go left and right looking for them. In this guide, we will be showing you the exact location of where to find all of them in the Lake of Nine Region. Let’s get started.

God of War Ragnarok – All Lake of Nine Buried Treasure

There are a total of 4 Buried Treasures that you are able to find in the Lake of Nine. Here you will find all of the 3 treasurers one by one:

1st Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – Demise Of Dagestr

Although this does not look like anything close to the Lake of Nine hold off your angry comments. You will need to come here first inside the Sverd Sands to be able to find and pick up the treasure inside the Lake of Nine region.

You will need to be using the lift to get to the underground once you have gotten to the top of the islands. This will get you to the very bottom. Follow the tunnel and get to the battle arena that you will see looks like this:

You will get your spear and chuck it inside the small hole on the right side. Get on top of the spear and get on top of the ledge. On the top you will see the artifact on the right side.

2nd Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – Demise of Dagestr

This is the location of where you can find the Lake of Nine Buried Treasure. It will be inside the Raider Fort that you can find on the west side of Lake of Nine. You will just need to climb on top of the ledge and follow the road. You will find the buried treasure at the end of the alleyway.

3rd Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – Viking’s Gift

Come inside the big hill surrounded by rocks called the Raider Fort. There will be a lot of enemies here that you will need to clear out. Once you clear it out, you will find a tent in the middle of the center of the tents.

4th Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – Viking’s Gift

You will need to come to this very same location in the picture above if you want to find this treasure. It will be just outside in the world and placed in the ground.

That’s all of them! We hope that with this guide you have found all of the hidden Buried Treasures in side The Lake of Nine. Have fun looking for them yourself!

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