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All Sango Pearl Locations In Genshin Impact

Where are those precious pearls at? Quick, let’s head to the shrine!

Sango Pearls are spread all over the map so finding them can be a bit complicated. That is why we will list all their locations here.

Genshin Impact: All Sango Pearl Locations

  • The first two pearls are located south of Sangonomiya Shrine and north of Bourou Village. They are located on the stepped rocks on the right side, next to each other. The location is indicated in the picture below.
  • The next four pearls are located on the island east of Bourough Village. They are located next to each other on the prominent stepped rock.
  • The next two pearls are located east of Sangonomiya Shrine, as shown in the photo below. They are located right in front of the prominent rock.
  • At this point we have the tenth and eleventh pearls which are located next to each other, near the waters of the island north of Bourou Village.
  • The next four are located in the southern part of Sangonomiya Shrine. Get off the cliff towards the water and they will be near the ends of the riverbed.
  • Then the next three pearls are in the eastern part of Sangonomiya Shrine, right on the rocks next to the small waterfall.
  • Finally, the last ten Pearls are distributed slightly north of the previous pearl sites of Sangonomiya Shrine. Аll are scattered across the riverbed, near the waterfalls. Just do a good search in this area and you will find all of them.

And that’s it. All the pearls are basically found in the vicinity of the Sangonomiya Shrine. You just need to search the islands thoroughly to find all of them.

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