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Flames Of The High Gate Puzzle Solution – Genshin Impact

Release those flames and complete the puzzle!

Having trouble with the High Gate Puzzle solution? No problem, in this article we will explain what you should do to successfully solve this puzzle.

Genshin Impact: Flames Of The High Gate Puzzle Solution

You start this Puzzle in Yachimatahiko’s Locus. When you get there, first climb the pillar on the wall

Then on the opposite side, you will see a building with two pillars. Go up here. This will help you reach the flame of the High Gate. 

Opposite this building is the same building, glide to it and here you will find the first flame of the High Gate. 

You will certainly need to climb everywhere with the Speed ​​of Light. Then, go to the right side of this building and activate the blue triangular switch

When you activate the switch, just go down to the room and you will find the second flame. Then go back to the triangle switch and activate it. 

Next, climb the large rock wall opposite the switch, and keep moving next to the edge of the cliff. Then climb the tree to reach the top of the stone pillar. 

Jump from here to the next marker where the third flame is marked. Then reactivate the switch.

Eventually, you will need to go downstairs and into the room with the triangular gate switch. You will need to activate the switch

This will open the door to the room of the last fourth flame.

NOTE: The locations of the High Gate flames are easy to find because they are marked with markers sequentially on the map. 

And that’s it. Quite an easy quest; you just have to pay attention to the procedures for getting them.

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