All the Secret Missions That You Might Have Missed in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Never miss out on a single one!

As you walk on the journey of Zack Fair in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a lot of side quests will appear aside from the main story plot quest.

Even though the side quests are not essential to the progress of the main story, they would still add some fun and knowledge about the lore of the game.

Some of these are also called secret missions. Secret missions are also those that are not important for the progress of the main story plot. Sometimes you might be cluelessly approaching an interaction that will trigger a secret mission.

When you have already reached chapter 8 of the game, there is no way that you can go back to the previous chapters to complete some of the left missions. That is why we made this guide for you to know all the secret missions in the game.

Secret Missions in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

In this guide, we will tell you how and where you can start and activate all the secret missions that you can find in the game. Make sure not to miss even a single one to get all the possible rewards that you can obtain.

Mission 1-2-1

Source: Dengojin

The first thing you have to do is go to Loveless Avenue and find the soldier in the right alley.

It will be sort of a lengthy chat, but right after you are done with your conversation, a new mission will automatically be added.

Mission 2-1-1

Source: Dengojin

The next mission, you should go to Sector 8 and head over to the southeast area. As you walk around, you will be able to find a staircase. Go upstairs and simply talk to the man that you can see over there.

Mission 2-1-2

Source: Dengojin

Mission 2-1-2 can be activated as you go to Loveless Avenue and talk to the lady that is walking by the entrance.

Mission 2-1-3

Source: Dengojin

For the next mission, you can activate this by going to Sector 5 market. When you are here, go near the upper plate of the exit and look for a little girl standing there.

Mission 2-1-4

For the next one, go to Sector 5 and take a walk to the slum streets by the park’s entrance. As you roam around there, you will see a little girl standing there.

Mission 2-1-5

Mission 2-1-5 can be unlocked by going inside the Shinra building and heading to the second floor. There, you will see a soldier standing before you reach the elevator. Simply talk to him and the mission will be added.

Mission 2-1-6

For this mission, you can only unlock this if you have already finished missions 2-1-1 to 2-1-5. Once you are done with those, meet the researcher in the Exhibit Room of the Shinra building and talk to him.

Mission 6-2-1

For this next mission, you can unlock this by also going to the Shinra building. Once you enter, you can immediately see a man and a woman talking to each other. Approach them and talk to the guy.

Mission 7-1-1

For this mission, you have to go to the SOLDIER Floor inside the Shinra building. There, you have to talk to the soldier in the briefing room.

In that room, you will see two soldiers talking to each other, talk to the one soldier that’s closer to the big monitor in front.

Mission 8-2-1

Here, you just have to go to the Materia room in the Shinra building and talk to the researcher.

Mission 4-3-1

For this one, you just have to go to the exit of Loveless Avenue and talk to the soldier there. After the conversation, choose I’ll help you look for them!

This will activate the spy missions wherein you have to catch Wutai spies.

Spy Mission 1

Still in Loveless Avenue, walk around the area, and look for a guy walking randomly near a car. Once spotted, talk to him.

Spy Mission 2

The next location of the Wutai spy can be found in the slums. You will see there a random soldier walking around in the market area.

Spy Mission 3

One spy is located inside the Shinra building. You will see a random guy walking around the elevator area on the second floor. If you see none, leave the area and just come back later.

Spy Mission 4

In the fountain area, head upstairs and look for the girl who is talking to this man. She is a spy.

Spy Mission 5

Another spy inside the Shinra building. Go to the exhibit room. Look and talk to the guy looking at the rocket.

Spy Mission 6

In the sector 5 slums, go there and look for a little boy with a camouflage cap. This boy might be a little annoying, but you have to talk to him at least three times.

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