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All Volcanic Biome Rune Locations On Fjordur & Artifact Of The Immune Cave In Ark Survival Evolved

It’s about to get hot up in here.

Obtaining runes can be tedious for players, but they actually have multiple benefits for the player. One being that they increase the level of the player by ten, and that you get an XP boost from them. The biggest benefit, however, is once you collect all 200 runes, you get to wield the mighty weapon of Thor, the hammer Mjolnir. So, if you’re interested in roleplaying as Thor in Ark Survival Evolved, then you can start by collecting all 27 runes on the volcanic biome. Along the way, you’ll find the Artifact of The Immune Cave.

Ark Survival Evolved – All Volcanic Biome Rune Locations On Fjordur & Artifact Of The Immune Cave

Looking for the 27 runes is going to take some time. Make sure you’re equipped to go in an environment that’s going to be extremely warm and filled with fire elements. These runes aren’t in order, and you might go back and inside and out the volcano.

The first of the 27 runes are located just outside of the volcano. The exact coordinates for the rune are 75.5, 78.8.

The second rune is located in the top area of the biome. The exact coordinates are 72.0, 89.3.

The third rune isn’t far off from the last rune. It’s hidden behind a waterfall. The exact coordinates are 74.8, 94.7.

The fourth rune is located at the top of the hill where the waterfall is. Exact coordinates are 75.1, 95.5.

The fifth rune is located much closer to the volcano, but not inside just yet. The exact coordinates are 81.7, 86.0.

The sixth rune is located near the fifth rune. The exact coordinates are 81.7, 79.4.

The seventh rune is located right next to a lava volcano, so be careful when getting this one. Exact coordinates are 82.1, 73.6.

This time, we’ll be venturing deeper into the volcano for now. The eight rune is located just after entering the volcano from the entrance. The exact coordinates are 85.4, 71.5.

The ninth rune is located just a bit when venturing deeper into the volcano. The exact location is 90.5, 73.7.

The tenth rune is actually located outside the volcano again. The exact coordinates are 96.1, 78.2.

Once you get the tenth rune, go back in the volcano and continue until you find a smaller cave hallway. Inside will lead deeper into the volcano as well as the eleventh rune. The exact coordinates are 95.9, 81.4.

The twelfth rune can be easy to miss, as it’s hidden behind some rocks when proceeding through the hallway. The exact coordinates are 96.1, 84.5.

Venturing deeper into the cave, you’ll find yourself at a fork in the road. Go left and you’ll find the thirteenth rune on the side of a wall. Exact coordinates are 90.9, 91.9.

The fourteenth rune is located in another entrance into the volcano. The entrance is much more man-made and easier to spot. The exact coordinates to the rune are 90.2, 79.3.

Just ahead of the fourteenth rune is the fifteenth rune. This rune can be spotted near an entrance into a large room. Exact coordinates are 89.8, 83.2.

Walking inside the room near the last rune, you’ll find yourself walking until you see the sixteenth rune near a rock formation. This is also the same room where you will find the Artifact of the Immune floating in the middle. Exact coordinates are 89.0, 86.5.

Inside the same room, look to the left side of the room and look down the ledge. You’ll see a platform with the seventeenth rune. Exact coordinates are 88.2, 85.7.

Outside the volcano again, you’ll find the eighteenth rune at 87.1, 82.7.

Near the top of the volcano, there’s a statue of a dragon. Behind the statue on the left, you’ll find the nineteenth rune. Exact coordinates are 88.2, 84.8.

Near the dragon statue, there’s another rune. The twentieth rune can be found by following the coordinates, 89.8, 85.2.

Rune twenty-one is located to the side of a road, hidden behind by some dead bushes. The exact coordinates are 92.7, 84.8.

At the very bottom of the biome, you’ll find rune twenty-two. Exact coordinates are 96.9, 84.1.

Rune twenty-three can be found at the very bottom right of the map, and is hidden behind some shrubs. Exact coordinates are 94.0, 96.9.

Rune twenty-four is located near the last rune, just floating above rock formations. Exact coordinates are 93.0, 93.1.

Rune twenty-five is located right next to the lava waterfall. Exact coordinates are 88.0, 92.3.

Rune twenty-six is located on a cliff overlooking the area. The exact coordinates are 85.8, 92.1.

The last rune is located on the east part of the island, just near the water. Exact coordinates are 84.0, 96.3.

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