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All Wadi Al-Majuj Dendroculus Locations – Genshin Impact

More Dendroculus? Count me in!

We’re back to finding more things in Genshin Impact. This time, we got Dendroculus in the Wadi Al-Majuj area.

What makes this area a little bit harder than the others is the fact that there’s a sandstorm happening 24/7, which makes it harder to see here. However, thanks to guides, we can find where some locations and collectibles are, like the Dendroculus located here.

If you are interested in finding them, then follow this guide and we will show you how.

Genshin Impact – All Wadi Al-Majuj Dendoculus Locations

Dendrolus #1

The first Dendroculus can be found here in the northeastern part of Wadi Al Majuj.

Dendrolus #2

You can find the Dendroculus floating above this cliff.

Dendrolus #3

This next Dendroculus is a bit of a tough one to get to.

This one is found on a wooden bark here. You will need to glide towards it if you want to reach it.

Dendrolus #4

The next Dendroculus is easy to get. 

From the Teleport Waypoint, just jump down and you should see the Dendroculus on a ruined pillar.

Dendrolus #5

The next Dendroculus is located deep in the ruins.

You will have to walk on some invisible floor that you can only start on the ruined pillar on the left.

Dendrolus #6

The next one isn’t far from the last Dendroculus.

This one just requires some old fashion climbing.

Dendrolus #7

The last one can be found in the marked location above.

You will need to climb up this old and dead tree to reach it.

And now, you’ve completed getting all the Dendroculus in this area!

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