Anime Champions Simulator: Are We Going To Get A Free Toji?

Here’s what I think.

Anime Champions Simulator: Are We Going To Get A Free Toji? Featured Image

It’s fun to speculate on a game’s next big update of freebies that they’ll give out to players. Some developers even feed the hype by giving out hints or teasers for future updates.

In Anime Champions Simulator, there’s a free chest that you can open in the Christmas Event daily and one big one that you can’t just yet. What’s inside the chest? A lot of people think it’s a Free Toji unit!

In this article, we’ll show you what the community has been cooking up for speculation on what this big present is. Now let’s hope it is a free Toji!

Are We Going To Get A Free Toji?

If you’ve been following the news from the Anime Champions Simulator Twitter or Discord server, you might have seen the teaser.

They’ve posted a picture of Toji from the famous anime Jujutsu Kaisen, and a lot of players are excited with the news.

There is still no solid evidence on how you can get a Free Toji in the game but a lot are speculating that it’s in the big gift chest.

Since the Christmas update, the developers have given the players a chance to teleport to an area with gifts.

You get to open the gifts every day and there’s one big one in the center of the area.

Players have speculated that the big chest will contain a Free Toji that players can get. Some of them even think it’s going to be a scaling character since most likely they’ll only give 1 unit. Only time will tell if this is true or if Toji is going to be in a different update.

That’s the news on the Free Toji that you might be able to get in the Anime Champions Simulator. Let’s hope that the speculations are correct and we can have a neat little gift as the year ends!

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