New World: Season 2 Prep Guide

A new Season is coming, start the pre-grind!

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There’s a new Season coming for New World and it’s the second season. That means new stuff from new raids, new season pass and new gear and items. That’s a bunch of content that all players are excited to see, but we’re not talking about that. We’ll want to prepare for the new season!

With the new Season coming, you’ll want to get ready for the changes. We won’t cover every bit of detail in the new Season, but we will show you what you can prep for it. This includes what kind of items you’ll need to stock up, what to farm and what gear you’ll want to have.

Season 2 Prep Guide

There’s a lot of things that will change with the new Season from additional content to buffs in crafting. Here are all the things you’ll want to prep before the next Season starts.

Gypsum Changes

When you go to a Gypsum Kiln on Season 2 you might notice a few new blueprints that you can make. The Gypsum Kilns can now make Legendary Casts so you’ll want to stock up on Gypsum Orbs and Umbral Shards. As the name implies these casts guarantee Legendary items when used except for the Shield ones, because we can’t get legendary shields anymore. So if you make one for the shield, you’ll only get rare ones.

New World Gypsum Kiln

The cooldown for Gypsum Casts is also changed and now you can make a maximum of 7 per week instead of the old one per day. So you don’t have to wait everyday to make a cast you can just do it all in one go and wait for the next week!

New World Gypsum Cast

They’ve also buffed the Gypsum that you get, for example you can now get 2 Emerald Gypsum a day from the different sources of Gypsum in the game.

Also, remember to hold on to the boxes gotten from Major Breaches and Corrupted Portals because in Season 2 you can upgrade the loot inside them to 600! So, go look for those Major Breaches trains if there are in your server and get all of those loot boxes.

Faction Goodies

There’s also been changes to the Faction rewards so hold on to those Tokens or farm them as much as you can. The changes include Legendary skins from you faction so if you want more skins, you’ll have it on the next season.

New World Faction Rewards

There are also these Ultimate Combat Trophy components that you can get via Faction Tokens. These trophies combine all of the major trophies in a category into one big trophy.

These new faction rewards are quite pricey though with the major ones costing around 50,000 to 100,000 tokens. When Season 2 starts though the cap for Tokens will increase to 150,000 so be sure to maximize your tokens before it happens!

New World New Faction Rewards

Seasonal Trials and Raids

The new Season trial will be The Hatchery and as usual it’s a 10-man seasonal trial. The trial is basically Varangian when it comes to enemies. So, if you don’t have your Human ward related gear then make sure to have them and level them up before the new Season starts! Start your farming now and check our guide on Human Ward/Bane Mods for tips on farming them!

The trial also has a lot of fire damage involved so make sure to also get some Ruby gems for your gear if you want to maximize them.

New World The Hatchery

It’s not in the PTR but it has been confirmed that the Sand Worm will also be in the new Season. We also know that you’ll need Beast Ward gear for it, and it will deal Acid damage. So, for the latter you’ll want to have some Chitin Padding for that acid resistance.

Knowing this you can also get ready and make or buy Beast related stuff like Infused Beast Coatings to sell for later! A lot of players will want to have them so the demand will skyrocket once the new Season starts.

These are the things you’ll need to prepare for the new Season 2 in New World. A new Season will start and with it, new items, gear, changes and raids. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news on the new season!

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