Anime Champions Simulator: Complete Dungeon Guide (Floors 1 – 5 Map) | Update 11 SAO

What is in store for you in these brand new dungeons?

With the latest Update 11 (SAO) of Anime Champions Simulator comes a wide range of fresh content added to the game, including new characters and content that you can go through for varying rewards.

Among these are the dungeons, which give you rewards ranging from shrines that buff you to super lucky orbs with incredibly high luck bonuses. Here is a quick rundown of the dungeons and some of its current floors!

Complete Dungeon Guide (Floors 1 – 5) | Update 11 SAO

After you have finished all of the necessary steps to unlock dungeons in Update 11, you will find that they are (currently) considered to be end-game content and will require you to have a pretty tough team.

You can do them every couple of hours, and there is a time limit for each run, so you will need to have some high level units in order to clear a floor in time.

Anime Champions Simulator chest

Each floor has a set layout and varying rooms that contain different bits of content based on its color on the minimap. In general, the different colors on the map indicate the following:

  • Yellow/Gold – Guarded by varying enemies and contains a chest that you can only claim once.
  • Light Green – These are Super Lucky Orb rooms, and each floor has varying orbs where you can roll for characters from the game’s different worlds. These have a very high luck boost.
  • Blue – Blue rooms contain shrines, which give you varying buffs based on how many you have found in total.
  • Purple – This is the boss room, and beating it will give you access to the next floor. You cannot return to the previous floor if you progress to the next.

Every now and then, you will also encounter a room where you have to do a bit of parkour in order to progress, so make sure to watch your step whenever you run into one of these!

Anime Champions Simulator boss

Floor 1

The first floor contains five chest rooms and three different super lucky orbs. There are also two shrines here, so make sure to grab them before going to the boss.

This is generally a fairly easy floor, and you should be able to clear it with ease as long as you have appropriately leveled units in your team. For the floor layout, refer to the image below:

Anime Champions Simulator floor 1 minimap image

Floor 2

The second floor also has two shrines and five chests. There is also a similar number of super lucky orbs here, which will have different characters from the ones in the previous floor.

By now, you will start to notice that enemies are getting tougher, so make sure to have the right quirks and accessories on your units to maximize your damage output.

Anime Champions Simulator floor 2 minimap image

Floor 3

The third floor is a bit less forgiving when it comes to the time limit, as you will have to run to opposite ends of the map in order to reach the two shrines. Same as the other floors, there will be a similar number of chests and orbs in here.

Anime Champions Simulator floor 3 minimap image

Floor 4

The fourth floor is incredibly tough and will require you to have some of the strongest builds in the game. This one has two shrines that are also in opposite ends of the floor.

In addition to that, there are five chest rooms and four lucky orbs to be found, including one that has the newest units in the game. Refer to the map below for the layout:

Anime Champions Simulator floor 4 minimap image

Floor 5

Getting to the fifth floor is no easy feat and will probably require the help of other players due to the damage checks that you will encounter.

Most players will probably not be able to reach this point just yet, but in case you do, it contains two shrines, four chests, and unknown orbs as the latest one is already in the previous floor.

Anime Champions Simulator floor 5 minimap image

And that is pretty much all of the current dungeon floors in Anime Champions Simulator. Currently, it is really only worth progressing through until the fourth floor, especially due to the difficulty spike that you will face there. So, for now, just keep grinding up and prepare for future dungeon updates!

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