Anime Champions Simulator: Complete Runes Guide (How to Get Runes & Upgrade Them)

How do you make use of this brand new feature in the game?

With the release of the long-awaited Update12 in Anime Champions Simulator, there has been a ton of new content added to the game. Among these additions is the Runes system, and in this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about it!

Complete Runes Guide (How to Get Runes & Upgrade Them)

There are a couple of ways to get runes. One of the more ”pay to win” methods is by simply buying packs from the store or purchasing the premium Season Pass and getting them through the reward track.

Of course, not everyone will have the means to do this. Luckily, anyone can grind for random rarity runes in the game by finding them in dungeons. Some quests can reward them too.

As you progress to higher dungeon floors, your chances of getting rarer varieties of runes will increase as well. Because of this, you will be doing quite a bit of grinding to get the best stats possible.

All you have to do is clear dungeon floors and you will be finding new runes in your inventory over time. It is unclear if their names have any bearing on what stats they can give, but it seems to be the case.

Just in case you haven’t explored that bit of content yet, we have a guide on dungeons in Anime Champions Simulator. The maps may be a bit outdated now, but the other tips still apply.

Anime Champions Simulator inventory showing some of the possible runes you can get

Upgrading or Scrapping Runes

In order to upgrade runes, you will have to go to the forge in the hub area. It is right beside the quirks reroll area, so you can’t miss it.

Basically, you must destroy runes to get more rune dust. This resource is then used to upgrade runes, and needless to say, the cost for doing so will go up for each level up.

Once equipped on a unit, runes can either be scrapped for free or removed at the cost of diamonds. Because of that, you have to be very careful and take your build into consideration before equipping one.

Anime Champions Simulator the forge showcasing the rune removal feature

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about the new runes feature in the game. It is still a fairly new system that will undoubtedly be refined later on. Check out our article on Anime Champions Simulator’s Update 12 to learn more about this patch!


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