Anime Champions Simulator: Crypt General Location | Update 11 SAO

Where can you find these enemies in the new map?

Anime Champions Simulator recently put out an update, the SAO Update 11, with a ton of new features. Among them is an entirely new world with its own set of units to pull for, enemies to beat, and even dungeons to go through.

One of the quests in this new map requires you to beat Crypt Generals. Here’s how you can find where they are!

Crypt General Location | Update 11 SAO

First up, in order to get into the area where you can find them, you will have to progress through the Trapped Player’s quests.

But before you can do that, check this guide out (How to unlock Dungeons) as well, since you will need to do three other quests before you can start the Trapped Player’s chain.

Anime Champions Simulator trapped player

Once you have completed enough of the Trapped Player’s quests, the palace right beside him will open up. Conveniently enough, part of one of his quests will include killing Crypt Generals.

To find them, enter the palace and go down the stairs. Behind the giant screen is a long hallway with glowing walls.

Simply walk forward through this and you will eventually stumble into at least one Crypt General.

Anime Champions Simulator hallway with crypt general

Since it respawns within seconds, you can just stay in this spot until you have completed the quest. There is no real reason to find any other spawns afterwards.

And that’s basically it. After killing enough Crypt Generals, you can proceed to the next step of the quest chain, which is to beat the boss at the end of this maze.

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