The First Descendant: Where To Find Encrypted Vaults for Magisters Hidden Assets

Are you good at puzzles?

Fight for the survival of the human race in this third-person RPG shooter game developed by Nexon Games called The First Descendant. The game lets you join in as a Descendants where you can loot items and engage yourself in fun puzzles like the Encrypted Vaults. Here we’ll tell you how to find the Encrypted Vaults for Magisters Hidden Assets so keep reading.

Where To Find Encrypted Vaults for Magisters Hidden Assets

In the First Descendants, you’ll learn about Encrypted Vaults which are small puzzles that contain crafting materials. They can be difficult to find at the start and require an early quest completion. 

Encrypted Vaults hold materials like Negative Ion Particles that can be used in crafting. But in the game, Magister’s Hidden Assets refer specifically to encrypted vaults that possess valuable core materials required for research.

Let’s see where we can find them.


You’ll find this Encrypted Vault on the north side of Kingston around the area called Sterile Land. 

Map of Sterile land in The First Descendant

To start your mission, go to the Sterile Land on your map and fast travel the Classified area of the Land. You’ll find the Classified area located at the corner.

Once you reach the location, you’ll need assistance from your scanning device. So, click R3 and listen. You may just hear a normal noise. In that case, you’ll want to explore further and constantly check your scanning device for a tiny ring of a bell sound. 

scanning device in The First Descendant

The little sound indicates that there is a hidden encrypted vault nearby. So, if you hear one, that means you’re not far from the vault. You’ll have to look in the same vicinity until you find a tall droid.

Encrypted vault in The First Descendant

There are about three in the area, and you have the resources to discover all three. So, your search shouldn’t be difficult from here.

Precision Code Analyzer

Once you find the encrypted vault, you’ll need a special item called the Precision code analyzer to activate the vault. 

Precision code analyzer in The First Descendant

There are various missions that drop this item as a reward, the time itself shows the entire list in its Acquisition info when you obtain one.

Precision code analyzer location in The First Descendant

NOTE: It’s important that you use these items wisely because once you use a single Precision code analyzer, you cannot reuse it in any instance, not even when you exit the vault mid-way or if you fail the challenge. Upon using it, the code analyzer will be destroyed.

Unlocking vaults

The puzzle is pretty simple. It’s essentially a small minigame of combinations of R2 and L2. The objective is to stop the red pointer in the small blue area with the command shown in the middle (Always either an R2 and L2).

Vault puzzle in The First Descendant

You need to do this before the time runs out, because if that happens, you’ll have to start all over again and as mentioned before, you will lose the precision code analyzer. 

If you get it right, you’ve decrypted the Vault. However, to complete the Magister’s Hidden Assets quest, you’ll need to decrypt two Vaults. So take out your scanning device and search for that second Encrypted vault. Use the same process all over again for the search, precision code analyzer and the decryption. 

So that’s how you do it! If you have an Amorphous material lying around in your inventory and you haven’t figured out how to open it yet, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out How To Open Amorphous Material!


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