Anime Champions Simulator: How to Find Shrine & Super Lucky Soul Orbs | Update 11 SAO

How do you find these in the latest patch of Anime Champions Simulator?

There is a wide range of collectible characters and varying kinds of useful stats to upgrade in Anime Champions Simulator.

With the newest Update 11 (SAO), dungeons were added to the game and all sorts of rewards can be earned by going through the multiple floors.

In this guide, we’ll go through how to find shrines and super lucky hunter orbs!

How to Find Shrine & Super Lucky Hunter Orbs | Update 11 SAO

The new shrines can be found all throughout the many dungeon floors, and they provide various impactful bonuses such as extra luck and boosted drop rate.

In case you still don’t have the Dungeon feature, check out this guide on how to unlock the Dungeons in Update 11!

They are incredibly easy to find, as the dungeon map has color-coded rooms. Simply check the minimap at the lower left corner of the screen and search for any blue room.

Once you see them in the map, simply run over to that area and activate the shrine by pressing E. There are multiple of these in each floor, so you should explore every corner to get all the rewards.

Anime Champions Simulator shrine

Super Lucky Soul Orbs

While progressing through dungeons, you will also be farming up souls that will last throughout the duration of your run.

These can be used to pull from Super Lucky Soul Orbs that you can find in every floor. They are marked by a slightly off green color in the minimap.

Anime Champions Simulator lucky hunter orb

Each floor has varying kinds of Super Lucky Soul Orbs that will let you get characters from the game’s many worlds. These have a significantly higher chance of giving you cosmic units.

The types of characters each orb contains depends on what it’s called. For example, the Lucky Hunter Orb will have units from the Hunter x Hunter inspired world.

Also, here’s a complete guide for the Dungeons (from Floor 1-5), that you might find helpful in acquiring them.

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to finding shrines and super lucky soul orbs in Anime Champions Simulator. Basically, just pay attention to the map and explore every corner of the dungeon and you’re bound to find all of them!

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