Anime Champions Simulator: How to Unlock Dungeons | Update 11 SAO

How do you start doing dungeons in the new update?

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Anime Champions Simulator is a Roblox game mainly centered around collecting and battling NPCs with a diverse cast of heroes and villains heavily inspired by all sorts of popular anime and manga series.

The latest Update 11 (SAO) added various new features, including dungeons. In this guide, we’ll quickly go through the steps you need to follow in order to unlock them!

How to Unlock Dungeons | Update 11 SAO

First up, once you reach the new map added with the update, you will have to complete three quests given to you by different NPCs standing around in the area.

Specifically, you must talk to and complete tasks given by the following NPCs:

  • Merchant Villager – He will require you to have 10 million Dark Matter in exchange for a free summon.
  • Apple Picking Villager – You will be tasked with finding three apples hidden around the map.
  • Ugly Villager – You will be tasked with finding a potion to help them with their issue.

Apple Picking Villager Quest

First up, the green apple can be found right under the tree directly behind the Apple Picking Villager. Simply jump to grab it.

The yellow apple is in one of the trees inside the city, directly to the right of the Trapped Player NPC. Simply run into the forest and you should be able to spot it easily as it sticks out due to its color.

Anime Champions Simulator yellow apple

Finally, the red apple can be found outside of the city. Run out of the archway into the wild and you should immediately see it from a distance. It is hanging on a tree right beside the first house that you see upon exiting the walls.

Anime Champions Simulator red apple

Ugly Villager Quest

Next, while you’re outside of the city, you can also complete the quest given to you by the Ugly Villager. Basically, just follow the road until around the halfway mark.

From here, you should be able to see a chest on top of a hill in the distance way off to the left. Simply make your way over to it and open the chest to get the Beauty Salve. Return to the villager to finish the quest.

Anime Champions Simulator chest

For more details about these 2 quests, check out this guide on all Apples & Beauty Salve location in Update 11 SAO!

Trapped Player

Now that you are finished with those three quests, you can start the quest chain of the Trapped Player, who is standing beside the blocked off zone at the edge of the city.

We actually have a more in-depth guide for the Trapped Player quest chain, but we will quickly go through the objectives below:

  • First Quest: Defeat 100 Cave Prowlers and 50 Tunnel Goblins
  • Second Quest: Defeat 50 Crypt Thieves, 25 Crypt Raiders, and 10 Kurablades. These can be found outside of the main city.
  • Third Quest: Defeat 50 Crypt Thieves, 25 Crypt Raiders, and 10 Crypt Generals.

After completing these three quests, you will have one final task, which is to kill the Unstoppable Crypt Boss found inside the Palace beside the Trapped Player (which should be open by now).

Anime Champions Simulator unstoppable crypt boss

Dungeon Entrance

Upon defeating the Unstoppable Crypt Boss, you will gain access to the dungeon entrance right behind where it spawns.

The final step in unlocking dungeons is to simply have 50 million Dark Matter. If you don’t have enough, you’ll have to do a bit of grinding to get in – here’s a guide on how to AFK Farm Dark Matter in the game.

Anime Champions Simulator repair portal

Once you have repaired the portal, you can now access dungeons in the main hub area of the game.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know in order to unlock dungeons in Anime Champions Simulator. They can be entered every two hours, and you can only claim the rewards for completing each floor once, but going through them will be incredibly hard!

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