Anime Crossover Defense: Best Unit Tier List

Know what the best units are to invest!

Anime Crossover Defense Best Unit Tier List

Learning and trying out new units in a game can be fun, just as long as you have the time or resources to try them all out. That’s not the case for most players and in some games with Gacha mechanics or a ton of units it’s even more challenging.

In Anime Crossover Defense, there are a lot of units that you can get in the game. While most of them are viable some of them are just better than the others. You don’t want to use all your time and resources to level up sub-par units!

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best units in the game via a Tier List. We’ll go through each unit and show you what the best ones are for you to sink your resources in. Now, let’s see what the units are!

Best Unit Tier List

When it comes to difficulty in Anime Crossover Defense, the main way to get gems and rewards is by playing Challenge Rifts. Most games in the same genre usually have an infinite mode to keep players entertained, but right now the game doesn’t have it.

The developers have planned on adding it in the future so for now the Tier List of the best units is based on the Challenge Rifts!

Anime Crossover Defense Unit Tier List
Try to get the best units on the top!

S – Tier

  • Broccoli (Broly) – One of the highest damaging units in the game especially if you max out the bottom path. A must-have for Challenge rifts as the damage is unmatched!
  • Modoro (Madara) – A cheap unit to upgrade on the top path that can deal a lot of AOE damage. This unit has full AOE and can easily clear early waves with ease when buffed properly.
  • Rengogo (Rengoku) – Another unit with great damage but is a bit pricey when leveling. The range is also a bit lacking so make sure to buff it to deal a lot of damage!
  • Joe (Jotaro) – Make sure to turn him into Mythic as this unit is insanely good at dealing with critical hits. Not only that but you can also build him to slow down units and with buffs can control the level.
  • Boulmi (Bulma) – A great unit to have to deal with your cash problems in any team. For early waves make sure to go with the bottom path to make things easier.
  • Bob (Steve) – The bottom path of this unit has a massive attack buff that is needed for Challenge rifts.
  • Time Maid (Sakuya) – When going with the bottom path of this unit you can increase both damage and range. The latter is really important in this game as most of your damaging units will be lacking in this field.

A – Tier

  • White Mustache (White Beard) – This unit is just like Broly when going with the bottom path as it deals a lot of AOE damage. It goes down to A-tier since it just takes too much time and cash to get to that point compared to Broly.
  • Blossom (Sakura) – A very cheap AOE damage unit as well as a buffer. Due to how cheap she is you can also use this unit to bait out attacks from enemies by placing her down.
  • Curly Brows (Sanji) – When you use the bottom path of this unit he can both buff other units as well as give money.
  • Butterfly (Shinobu) – This is a very versatile unit that can either go with damaging using the top path or be a buff unit with the lower path.
  • Deo (Dio) – This is another great damage-dealing unit that can also do a time stop. It’s a great unit to have since it can also help other units by keeping enemies still, increasing damage.
  • Mosshead (Zoro) – Another cheap unit that can deal with full AOE attacks. Paired up with buffs as well as good artifacts and you’ve got yourself a solid unit.
Anime Crossover Defense Nirito
I’m sure that’s his name!

B – Tier

  • Cat Burglar (Nami) – For this unit, the position should be in the S-tier because of a current bug that lets you stack buffs. Of course, it’s not intended and there is a high chance that it will be fixed in future updates. Still, a solid buffer that can increase the range of units by a ton.
  • Byakari (Byakuya) – A great unit that can deal a lot of damage and can deal a lot of AOE but is very expensive to get there.
  • Carrot (Goku) – From the stats it looks like a great unit but his attacks are a Line AOE. This isn’t ideal in Challenge Rifts since you’ll need full AOE or Circle AOEs at least to survive.
  • Nirito (Naruto) – When you get this unit into Mythic it can be a great unit with high damage. The downside is that the amount of damage you get with the resources you use isn’t that great compared to the others.
  • Ichytoe (Ichigo) – A great unit that is severely lacking in range. Even with buffs you’re better off using other units that have more damage and AOE.
  • Henry (Harry Potter) – This is a great damaging unit that deals amazing single-target damage. Great at cleaning up stragglers but you’re better off going with full AOE units.

C – Tier

  • Sneaky Clone (Boba Fett) – He is a great unit that can deal a lot of damage but is too pricey to effectively use in Challenge Rifts. There are just better units out there that can reach his level quicker.
  • Eric (Eren) – It has the same problem as Sneaky Clone where the damage is great but the upgrade paths are too expensive for what it gives.
  • Dark Invader (Darth Vader) – This unit has a lot of damage but is locked behind the last upgrades of either top or bottom paths. This makes it difficult to use effectively in Challenge Rifts compared to other units.

D – Tier

  • Peaceful Jedi (Luke Skywalker) – On paper the stats are good but the attacks are just horrible. He has the smallest AOE circle and is generally not worth investing in.

Those are all of the best and worst units in Anime Crossover Defense. Now, go out there and try to get the best ones! Try to get to Floor 100 of the Challenge Rifts. Check out our How To Beat Floor 100 in Challenge Rift Guide for more details!


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